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The Empire has collapsed, and it's a time of turmoil and great change for the Galaxy. On Bespin, the Imperial forces were driven out. Yet nobody was able to simply forget how easily the Empire had occupied the mining colony. Wing Guard, Bespin's general police and law enforcement force, was once again under deep scrutiny. In the midst of the heated discussion centered around the needed reforms to the police force training, Bespin received a lucrative offer from CorSec, the Corellian Security Forces: A joint program for officer training. Bespin was quick to agree. For CorSec the deal offered a modern training and holiday complex to use in their reward program for excellent service, for Bespin it offered an access to the outstanding Corellian training methods.


There are two game styles at the range:


1) Still Targets lasting 35 rounds, growing progressively harder toward the end as the limited time a target is visible shortens.


2) Moving Targets lasting 35 rounds. Two moving targets per round, their speed or trajectory changes offering increasing difficulty toward the end of the game.


- - - - - - - -


Bespin Range is a small, special SP level for JA consisting solely of a functional rifle range. As a cooperation project, it contains high level architecture and texturing by Eldritch, and intensive, experimental scripting and entity use by me. The numerous third party components are listed in the readme. Map source and script sources are included in the pk3, and may be used freely for learning purposes.


Reading the readme is highly recommended due to the nature of this product.


What's New in Version 0.97


  • 0.97 first public release.

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Just tried this last night. It was really unique and professional. Love lassev's work. The very first dialogue you hear is hilarious!

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This is an awesome, professional quality map!  On which I had the pleasure of collaborating a very small portion... I'm sure everyone will thoroughly enjoy it!  I wish we could convince Lasse (@Lancer)  to come back for a few more great maps like this. ;)

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OMG ! THIS IS AWESOME! Specially i like the conversation between trandoshan and bespin cop XD. The idea of map is very interesting and orginal. The map is beatiful . More maps like this ! Very impressive

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Thanks for the praise! As undeserving of it as I am these days, considering I've forgotten all of my former skills. Alas, I used to be an accomplished scripter but then I took a blaster shot in the knee.

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