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The Academy v3

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Official Map of the Jedi Academy (http://www.thejediacademy.net).


The third map in my "The Academy" series.


It's basically a heavily modified and updated version of the_academy_v2, most of the things that were in v2 are in v3, except they either look different and/or have been upgraded.


This new version includes:

  • A Dueling area with three seperate rooms for dueling or sparring.
  • A main courtyard area for spawning and hanging out - the most central area of the map.
  • A "classroom" fit to cater for most, if not all of the Classes held at thejediacademy.net
  • An NPC sentry droid room which is good for practicing aerial attacks or riposite blocking.
  • A lobby area containing a few of the combo pads from the last map to help people teach/learn combos.
  • A "pit" room where people can duel or FFA in an area where movement is restricted and one wrong move can mean certain doom.
  • A large outdoor area which can be used for pretty much anything, a lush environment that can be just as deadly as it is tranquil.
  • An underground bunker area which is perfect for either all-out-battles (very gunner-friendly) or stealth tactics.
  • An administration area accessable only through the Jedi Academy's JAE mod's teleportation abilities. The area overlooks the main courtyard, has a private training room and a control room to lock/open various public areas of the map.
  • A "Garden of JA Fame" area paying hommage to many of the great people who have walked the halls of thejediacademy.net. The area also serves as a memorial to a dear friend of ours named Vladarion, who tragically died in a car accident over Christmas 2003.

RIP Vlad, we miss you buddy!


Go here for more info on Vladarion: http://www.thejediac...page.php?f_id=5 - Compiled by Bail Hope of Belouve


I would like to thank everyone in the entire JK3 community who have been waiting for this map, for your seemingly infinite patience. I'm sorry that it has taken this long for the map to be released and I hope that you won't be dissapointed. The map is built to cater specifically to the Jedi Academy, but I cannot ignore the huge amount of positive feedback I have either recieved, or heard about, so this one goes out to all of you guys. :D


You all rock my socks!


Thank you for taking such an interest in the maps, big love! <3


Install: : Unzip the *.pk3 file into your GAMEDATA/BASE folder


What's New in Version v3   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Whilst I don't feel that this map's atmosphere quite meets that of its predecessor, I'd still consider this to be an absolute must-have file for anyone's Base folder.

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It's been a minute. Booted up this map recently and got feelings from it. 10/10 would nostalgia again.

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