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Jedi Academy turned 20 this year! We celebrated in a ton of different ways: mod contest, server event, podcast, etc. Thank you to all who have been a part of this game for the last two decades. Check out the anniversary content!

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Welcome to JKHub

This community is dedicated to the games Star Wars: Jedi Outcast (2002) and Jedi Academy (2003). We host over 3,000 mods created by passionate fans around the world, and thousands of threads of people showcasing their works in progress and asking for assistance. From mods to art to troubleshooting help, we probably have it. If we don't, request or contribute!

Get started

This game turned 20 years old this year, and it is still one of the greatest Star Wars games of all time. If you're new or returning from a long hiatus, here are the basics of getting started with Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy in 2023.

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How to make a panorama


This tutorial will show you how to take a panoramic screenshot using a hidden feature of Singleplayer.


Required Tools/Stuff

  • A map that runs on singleplayer (any base map works really, but some custom ones might have issues)
  • Photoshop or a program that can merge panoramic screenshots (I use Photoshop in this tutorial)

If you're using QEffects (Pro or otherwise), you should set RenderFrame to 1 in your config, and turn off Motion Blur.


  • Go ingame and find a suitable spot to take pictures from. Do not worry about removing the HUD, crosshairs, etc, since the game does that for you automatically.
  • Enter in the console: /pano 1.
  • The game will now dump the panoramic screenshots into your screenshots folder, using a naming scheme like "XpanoYY.jpg", with the X being the number of panoramas that you've done, and YY being the individual screenshot number. Close the game.
  • If you have a tool other than Photoshop, find a tutorial to merge those screenshots together. Otherwise, continue with the tutorial.
  • In Photoshop, open each screenshot, in order. For instance, 1pano01.jpg, 1pano02.jpg, etc.
  • Go to File > Automate > Photomerge
  • Choose Auto, Set "Use" to "Files", and hit the Browse button. Select all of the screenshots, again in order.
  • Hit OK.
  • Photoshop will then merge the photos together. This will take some time, and it may freeze photoshop entirely.
  • Once you've got it done, you may need to do some cleaning up to make sure that it looks okay. Enjoy!

Sharing it online

  • I've found another alternative for doing this, it's on the site: http://www.dermandar.com
  • Select 360 degree view.
  • Select pictures from your screenshots folder (using steps above)
  • Enjoy! Should take a minute or two, but I can confirm that this works well!

Example Output



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