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Jedi Academy turned 20 this year! We celebrated in a ton of different ways: mod contest, server event, podcast, etc. Thank you to all who have been a part of this game for the last two decades. Check out the anniversary content!

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This game turned 20 years old this year, and it is still one of the greatest Star Wars games of all time. If you're new or returning from a long hiatus, here are the basics of getting started with Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy in 2023.

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Altering menu music


Altering Main Menu Music - Single Player & Multiplayer


Prior Knowledge Requirements: Creating/Modifying/Opening .Pk3s

Tools: PakScape, Notepad, Your MP3.


Single Player: By default, the main menu whilst playing Single Player in Jedi Academy, has no music. If you want to add your own track to play in the background whilst you are on the main menu in a Single Player game, open up your assets1.pk3 from the Base folder. Once you have done this, open the "ui" folder called ui. From here, copy the file main.menu out of the .pk3 to somewhere you can make modifications (E.g. Your desktop).


Now that you have the file, open the main.menu file in Notepad. To quickly scroll to the part we want, use the find command (Ctrl+F) and enter this into the search criteria:


"setfocus newgamebutton"


This should scroll you to the appropriate section of the file. It will read something like this:



setfocus newgamebutton



To alter it to play your music file, change this section to read the following:



setfocus newgamebutton

exec "music music/yourmp3.mp3"



When you have made the change, save the file. Done? Create a new folder and rename it "ui". When this is done, place your main.menu file in this folder. Now, create yourself a new .pk3 and place the new "ui" folder within it. Place your .pk3 in the Base folder of the JKA directory and voila! Done, right? Nope! We haven't added your music in yet.

In your new .pk3, create a new folder named "music". Place your mp3 in this new folder inside your .pk3. Ensure that the name of the .pk3 matches what you wrote in the main.menu file!

Note: Be sure that the name of your .pk3 would come after the assets .pk3s alphabetically, otherwise this modification will not work! Why? Because JKA will read your modification, then the assets, rather than the other way around. For you to overwrite something with a modification, it needs to be read by JKA after the assets!


If you want your music to overwrite the music played during the main menu of a single player conversion mod, place the music .pk3 in that mod folder, not the Base folder.



Changing the multiplayer music for Multiplayer Jedi Academy's Main Menu is very straight forward. In fact, it is nearly the same process as for Single Player. This time, navigate to your Base JKA folder and open up assets1.pk3. Open up the "ui" folder in the .pk3, then open up the "jamp" folder inside that.

Once again, copy the main.menu file to somewhere outside the assets1.pk3 so that you can modify it. Open the file in Notepad and again use the Find command (Ctrl+F) and enter the following search criteria to quickly find the section we need to edit:



When you have done this, you should find the section of the file that looks like this:



exec "music music/t2_dpred/ImpBaseB_Action" ;


This is what tells JKA which track to play when it opens up Jedi Academy Multiplayer. Change the above to match something like this:



exec "music music/mymp3.mp3" ;



Wait, why can't you just overwrite the t2_dpred track? Well, you can. But doing so will interfere with that track when you play Single Player Jedi Academy. You could copy the file directory and name your .mp3 to overwrite the above file, but as I just said, this will mean that music is always overwritten.


Anywho! When you have made the change, save the file. Create a new folder named "ui", open it, and create another new folder inside it named "jamp". Place your main.menu file in this folder. Create a new .pk3, and place the "ui" folder with the "jamp" and "main.menu" inside it into the new .pk3. Create a new folder inside the .pk3 named "music", place your mp3 file inside this folder and save your .pk3 again. Place this .pk3 in your Base folder and ensure that it is named something that will be read alphabetically after the assets files.


Note: What types mp3 settings have to be met for music to play correctly?

Your mp3 should be: 44100Hz, Stereo, and 129kbps

(If anyone objects to this, feel free to interject, this is what has always worked for me.)


If you want your music to overwrite the music played during the main menu of a multiplayer mod, place the music .pk3 in that mod folder, not the Base folder. E.g. Gamedata/japlus rather than Gamedata/Base. Hope this helps!

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um when I try to open the pk3 file it stops responding when I try to edit it cant I make a new pk3 file to alter said menu music thanks and this is the steam version of jka

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I try but the music don't play I don't know the reason,it looks the same as,same name on the file,I just edit using a compressor to get exactly the same hz and kpps I just rename the song like the one on the file "main.menu" to read but don't work,I try with a mod that play the original song I don't get the UI of the game I edited one of a mod maybe is it?

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