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Circa and SiLink spent a whole episode on the podcast Among the Noise talking about first memories, jk3files, JKHub, running clans, and how it effected their lives as part of the 20th anniversary of Jedi Academy.

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This community is dedicated to the games Star Wars: Jedi Outcast (2002) and Jedi Academy (2003). We host over 3,000 mods created by passionate fans around the world, and thousands of threads of people showcasing their works in progress and asking for assistance. From mods to art to troubleshooting help, we probably have it. If we don't, request or contribute!

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This game is turning 20 years old this year, and it is still one of the greatest Star Wars games of all time. If you're new or returning from a long hiatus, here are the basics of getting started with Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy in 2023.

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We got a chance to sit down with 5 of the developers of Jedi Outcast over a Zoom call last year and it's clear that they were truly passionate about this game and consider it their proudest achievement. Watch the video and listen as they reminisce about development and that era of their careers!

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How to play and host Search and Destroy


First off, you need a Search and Destroy map in your base folder. Here is one: http://jkhub.org/fil...tooine-streets/


How to play:

There are two teams. Attackers and Defenders.


When you join a team, you will spawn in a weapons room. There will be two rows of guns, and one row of explosives:


Select one weapon from each row, you will be pushed away if you try to take more.


Once the teams are ready, someone can push a button at the exit of the spawn room which will trigger the start of the match. The gates will open and you will be able to enter the map.


A timer will count down from two minutes:

  • If you die, you are out until the end of the round.
  • In a properly set up server, you will have no force other than heal, which you can use to regenerate your health between fire-fights.
  • If either team are all killed, the other team wins.
  • If the timer runs out Defenders win.
  • The Attackers must go to one of two bomb sites and hold down use to arm a bomb.
  • The Defenders should try to prevent them doing this until time runs out.


A bomb site


If the Attackers manage to arm a bomb a new 45 second timer will appear:

  • If time runs out, the bomb explodes violently, and Defenders loose.
  • If the Defenders die they loose.
  • The Defenders must attempt to defuse the bomb by holding down use. If they do this, they win.
  • If the Attackers are all killed, the defenders must still defuse the bomb to win.

At the end of a round, all players are returned to their spawn room, and there is a 30 second delay before the next round begins. I suggest that during the intermission, the teams switch, so that they have to play both as Attackers and Defenders. I suggest you play best of three rounds (first team to win twice) or best of five (first team to win three rounds) per match, switching teams every round.


That's all there is to it!



Hosting a Game of Search and Destroy:


Search and Destroy MUST be run within the capture the flag gametype, or it will not work. To set your server to capture the flag, put this command into either your server cfg, or into rcon:

seta g_gametype 8

To enable weapons and set up force correctly so that only heal is available, and force regenerates at the right speed, use these lines in your cfg:

seta g_weaponDisable 0
seta g_maxForceRank 7
seta g_forceRegenTime "150"
seta g_forcePowerDisable "262142"

I recommend the use of clanmod on your server (your players don't need to install it, but can if they wish) this will allow you to have much more dangerous guns, and to remove the lightsaber (to stop all the bullets getting deflected).


Once you have clanmod installed, go to gamedata/clanmod and open the file called "damages.cfg" (create it with notepad if it doesn't exist), delete everything in it and paste these lines into it:


set g_saberLocking "1"
set g_saberLockFactor "2"
set g_locationBasedDamage "0"
set g_saberTraceSaberFirst "0"

set cm_customSaberDmgs "0" //Change this to 1 to use saber damages below

set g_mSaberDMGTwirl "10"
set g_mSaberDMGKick "2"
set g_mSaberDMGDualKata "90"
set g_mSaberDMGStaffKataMin "60"
set g_mSaberDMGStaffKataMax "70"
set g_mSaberDMGMultiMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGMultiMax "70"
set g_mSaberDMGSpecialMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGSpecialMax "90"
set g_mSaberDMGRedNormal "100"
set g_mSaberDMGRedNormalMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGRedNormalMax "120"
set g_mSaberDMGRedDFAMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGRedDFAMax "180"
set g_mSaberDMGRedBackMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGRedBackMax "30"
set g_mSaberDMGYellowNormal "60"
set g_mSaberDMGYellowOverheadMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGYellowOverheadMax "80"
set g_mSaberDMGYellowBackMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGYellowBackMax "25"
set g_mSaberDMGBlueNormal "35"
set g_mSaberDMGBlueLungeMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGBlueLungeMax "30"
set g_mSaberDMGBlueBackMin "2"
set g_mSaberDMGBlueBackMax "30"


set cm_E11_BLASTER_DAMAGE "70"
set cm_E11_BLASTER_VELOCITY "9001"




set cm_DEMP2_DAMAGE "120"
set cm_DEMP2_ALT_DAMAGE "16"
set cm_DEMP2_VELOCITY "2000"


set cm_ROCKET_DAMAGE "150"
set cm_ROCKET_VELOCITY "2000"


set cm_STUN_BATON_DAMAGE "200"

set cm_MELEE_SWING1_DAMAGE "200"
set cm_MELEE_SWING2_DAMAGE "9001"


set cm_TRIP_MINE_DAMAGE "9999"

set cm_DET_PACK_DAMAGE "999"



Then save the file. This will give you the improved gun damages and projectile velocities. Also look near the bottom of your server.cfg and check there is a line:


exec damages.cfg

If there isn't, add it just before where you start the map and the very bottom of the server.cfg.


Also look for the line

set cm_starting_weapons "1"

and set it to "1" if it isn't already. If the line isn't there, simply copy it into your server.cfg.


All you need to do now is start up the map using the map command eg:

map SD_Tatooine

You can either place this at the bottom of your server.cfg, or by typing it into rcon.

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