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    Filmmaker first, musician second, voice actor third, student fourth... oops, there goes my GPA.

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    Haven't finished playing through yet, but so far, I am IMPRESSED with your uncanny ability to mimic classic JK2-style puzzles and map-building.
  1. Hello there, my name is Zhaboka. I started playing the JK games in maybe 2004 or 2005, and the KotOR games even before that. In 2011 I started doing voice overs for KotOR mods, and that's just spiraled wildly out of control since then. Most recently, I voiced Kaah Ohtok in the newly refurbished restoration of the droid planet, M4-78, for Knights of the Old Republic 2. The only JK-involved sites I knew were LucasForums and JKFiles until I stumbled upon this here lovely place the other day. I was so delighted to find this site, seeing as the JK section of Lucasforums is nearly dead and JKFiles isn't faring much better. If anybody feels like modding for the JK games still, I am super down to do voice-overs. It's pretty much where my spare time goes. Cheers!
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