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    The infamous Darksaber is a weapon of old, passed down from generations of Mandalorians. The one in possession of the blade rightfully rules all of Mandalore. I have revamped this mod designed by Jose Carlos in 2013. It was near perfect, but unfortunately lacked the accurate sounds that the sword produces. I intend to take Jose's work one step closer to perfection by replacing all of the original sound files with the sounds we know and love from the Mandalorian TV series. While some other Darksaber mods have somewhat realistic sounds, none of them have set tones for "Saber Throw" or other specific combinations. Additionally, none of the other mods have the actual Darksaber blade modeled onto it. This download has all of those things for you to enjoy in this amazing game. I love Jedi Academy, and I think it's time for us to be able to finally wield our favorite lightsaber!
  2. Hey! For those of you into modeling and creating skins for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, I'd absolutely love a Dark Dimension Vader. It's such a unique concept, and if I had the talent, I would make it myself.
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