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    This map is the result of a sarlacc eating a dueling arena and then getting busy with a volcano. The Devil's Cauldron could be considered a duel map because of its smaller size, but it's great for FFA as well. The atmosphere has a volcano feel. There is a dueling platform in the middle surrounded by lava. There are narrow walkways above the dueling platform as well.
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    "Gnosis" is the 7 month map project of Mooku, leader of the (>+<) Revelation clan. This map features a central hub and individual zones for the elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Light, and Darkness. The central theme is "Balance In All Things." Each zone is accessed from the central hub via teleporters that visually represent their respective zones. Zone Descriptions Air - Open, cloudy, windy sounds, wind slingshot effect if one falls off a platform, semi clear dueling arena in middle Water - Pristine, Calming, Water sounds, Opportunities for Swimming Practice, Duel ring surrounded by water Earth - Earthy, Stone duel ring upon a grassy hill, bar and fight club inside the terrain Fire - The Floor is Lava, watch your step, don't die, and Features The High Ground Light - Jedi feel, crystal cave, semi hidden council chamber Dark - Sith feel, Dark tomb, bones and coffins everywhere, hidden council chamber
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