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  1. @JediDevin94 I can have a look at that. She's originally a Zabrak, put I suppose you want her as a human jaden skin?
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    Combined some things from different mods. Credits go to Ruxith for the hair model/texture and to the author of Jedi Zora v3 Because I'm still very noob at this, I made it so that she replaces Jan. If you want to play as her in sp, copy and paste the following line in the console: "playermodel jan model_default model_default model_default". Installation: Drop zzzzJanReplacement.pk3 in your base folder. Bugs: There are a few red pixels around the back of the neck, no idea why but it's not very noticable.
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    I was messing around in blender and came up with this. Edited Galak's face textures to make him appear a bit younger. To play as Galak is sp enter the following line in the console: "playermodel galak model_default model_default model_default" Might be some slight clipping around the neck, but nothing too serious. Installation: Drop zzzzzgalakyoungjedi.pk3 in your base folder.
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