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  1. Hello, I want to present you 3 servers with Ranked ELO system based on names. The site URL is: https://jkranked.com How does it work? Just go in and play with your favorite name. This website will show the ranked of the players without registering. Every duel, saber or force will be registered in our system. Every one minute the website will update with your new score. You need over 10 duels in each category to start the ranked. The base ELO score is 1200. The system has an automatic penalty when someone usurps names. There are 3 servers: South America Server jkRanked.com | SA / connect sa.jkranked.com:29070 Location: Santiago, Chile North America Server jkRanked.com | NA / connect na.jkranked.com:29070 Location: Ohio, USA Europe Server jkRanked.com | EU / connect eu.jkranked.com:29070 Location: Frankfurt, Germany Current season: 1 There will be prizes for the top 3 players in the two categories (Sable and Full Force) in each region of Season 2 starting in August. Community Discord: https://discord.gg/Pa6sZnW Mod used: JA + Mod 2.4 B7 Regards
  2. 481 downloads

    CREDITS: Full Credit For this goes to Corto since he made the model. DarkDiablos for sounds. Dhagura for Helping me in the armor design, team colors and icon. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip/unrar the file into your Jedi Academy Base folder DESCRIPTION: You'll find all mandalorian Skirata clan members 20 skins Null-class: A'den (Null-12) Jaing (Null-10) Kom'rk (Null-6) Mereel (Null-7) Ordo (Null-11) Prudii (Null-5) Omega-Squad: Atin (RC-3222) Corr (CT-5108/8843) & (RC-5108/8843) Darman (RC-1136) Fi (RC-8015) Niner (RC-1309) Others: Gotab (Bardan Jusik) Ijaat (Kal's son) Recruit Kal Munin (Kal's godfather) Ruusaan (kal's daughter) Tor (Kal's son) Venku (Kad'ika) Walon Vau V3 Fixed: Beskar texture in armors Removed Shoulder Removed Face without helmet Icon changed Using Cortos model with Mars Helmet Added crest in helmet Female sound for Ruusaan Changes: New model New Textures Ini is now Recruit COMMENTS: Each skin contain now 1 default selection with team colors. I hope you like this 3 now final version of this skinpack.
  3. I working on the version 3 of this skinpack, release are very soon.
  4. Hi, i have a problem to list my jaPRO server on internet list ingame. The thing is that i can list a jaPlus server (same ip and port) without problem using the v2.4 Build7 in OpenJK but, can't see my jaPRO server using the same ip and port. Loda are helping me a lot but still doent know how to resolve the issue. NOTE: I can see the jaPRO server if i put the IP in Favorite.I have the server running in Centos 7.The jaPRO server its listing well in qtracker and jkhub masterserver list, but no in ravensoft internet list.i send heartbeat and show me everithing its ok, but isnt in internet list.Im using a old OpenJK compile, the recent give me a problem to run jaPRO. Please help!
  5. Mhoker

    Avoid ddos attack

    Thanks a lot Darth Futuza.
  6. Mhoker

    Avoid ddos attack

    Yeah but i need a server in Chile. Thanks.
  7. Mhoker

    Avoid ddos attack

    I have a japlus server, the old oNE from slider, but i recieve now to many DDoS attack, do you know how to avoid them?
  8. Thanks for the quicly response. In value 7 its work but only when i gripped first then roll. But i need to roll first, then when the player is in roll_action -> grip. like JA+. I tried other values and 1 but does'nt work.
  9. @@Raz0r, I fork your project and made the change in github. Now i'm trying to allow grip when i´m in roll. but its little difficult to me to find the function.
  10. @@Raz0r I replace the followiing lines and its work: static const float maxJediMasterDistance = 2500.0f * 2500.0f; // x^2, optimisationstatic const float maxForceSightDistance = Square( 1500.0f ) * 1500.0f; // x^2, optimisation To: static const float maxJediMasterDistance = 6250000.0f;static const float maxForceSightDistance = 3375000000.0f; I don't know why you use x^2, maybe you have your reason.I don't know to much about C.
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