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    New Heroes JESSE QUICK and KID FLASH. Bonus Revised FLASH skin/npc. 2nd PACK released wanted to add characters that were part of the current hero roster on the Flash. Do to my lack of modeling skills I have a rule for not using models that aren't part of Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. I make reskins, .efx and .gla alterations.
  2. They're unable to be grabbed due to their class, "npc spawn manofsteel3" is alot of fun at t3_bounty, he follows you no matter how high or low you go. Enjoy! My Flash texture should be showing up soon.
  3. 208 downloads

    The Flash and Reverse Flash Skins are illustrations of The Flash and Reverse Flash from the CW's "The Flash" series. Abilities: Super Speed. (plus Super Movement) Cannot Die by Normal damage after Force_Rage activated. (Simulates more resistance to death then God Mode) Animations Increased with custom .GLA with lightning effects and sound when running. They vibrate when weapon saber activated. Work best at enclosed maps recommended T2_Rancor. Command "Devmapall t2_rancor" Can Cause Error: G_Spawn: no free entities. This happens often against rancors if npcs are controlled by player. In special conditions these npcs can go into the speed force aka no clip out of map. NPC Spawn npc spawn zoom npc spawn flash Primarily used for Single Player.
  4. 314 downloads

    Inspired from Man of Steel Releasing for upcoming Justice League Movie Created for Single Player Use Has Superman abilities Abilities: Flight. Bulletproof. Heat Vision. Super Speed. Super Strength. Also can not be grabbed by Rancors. Did not want to add Please looking for help of actually modeling and/or to simply add cape. Replace Sith_Scepter
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