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  1. Is OpenJK stable and feature complete enough to play the JO/JKA singleplayer campaigns?
  2. I installed the latest version of these plugins (from GitHub) in Blender 2.80.75 and they show up in the addons and are enabled. But they don't show up under the import/export menu. Any suggestions? EDIT: I got it working by manually copying the folder to the Addons
  3. How is support for terrain patch meshes coming along? Could you add vertex coloring/alpha blending to the terrain tools? Does it support 3ds Max 2017 also? Thanks again for making this EDIT: Maybe you could take some inspiration from the http://dev.wallworm.com/ tools?
  4. Hi, I was thinking about using Call of Duty Radiant (World at War version) for Jedi Academy mapping. Because it has better terrain editing and integrated texture blending tools for patch meshes. I understand that some of the CoD specifics won't work with JA, like entities and and higher graphical features. But I suspect that the low level brush/patch mesh format is still the same as Q3? Has anyone here tried or know of this ability? Or does anyone have CoD radiant and wants to try this out for me, before I buy a game solely for the editor This would be very interesting if possible because I could make my terrain patch and texture it with alpha blending in the same program. I wouldn't need to use other terrain tools anymore, and could just import the terrain into GtkRadiant for JA. Thanks on advance!
  5. Hi, I'm trying something new in blender to enable a type of "UnrealEd 2d shape editor" workflow. I drew the outline of a hallway section with both straight and curved bezier lines in Blender, then extruded this to make it 3D. https://imgur.com/a/7Pin3su I worked on the grid where possible (except the vertices of the bezier curve), I set blender's grid size the same as Quake3 and used snap to grid. But when I try to export it as a .map patch mesh and open it in GtkRadiant it's always missing the top faces of the curved bezier. I've tried exporting it both as quads and as tris but it makes no difference. I would really like to get this working because curved patch meshes look better in Quake3 lighting compared to curved brushwork. Can anyone help me with this please, or is it already know that bezier curves don't work in patch meshes? Thanks on advance EDIT: I just tried it again with only straight bezier lines and exported is as a tris patch mesh and now it shows up correctly.
  6. I have this one: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1413-blender-264-jedi-academy-plugin-suite/
  7. I've been going over some of these files with notepad and I found a few strange tidbits: A patchmesh created and textured in gtkradiant and saved as a .map file has this to define its texture: patchDef2 { yavin/ground But a terrain created in blender and exported as a JA patchmesh with the .map extension has this as its texture: patchDef2 { system/physics_clip Presumably the physics_clip is to make it its own collision mesh, but since each face/triangle can only have one texture on it this would make it impossible to add another texture to my terrain! Am I missing something here? EDIT: Or is there a way to attach the physics_clip collision property to my regular texture?
  8. Check my post menstrual stress JK (just kidding not jedi knight ) BREAKING NEWS: I managed to get a textured .ase file in gtkradiant! I triangulated the mesh first, exported as .ase and then edited it with notepad to reference the texture that I made. Obviously it's just a single texture and I haven't optimized the mesh, but this is definitely good progress. I'm not very familiar (at all actually) with idtech3 shaders so I can't do fancy texture blending yet Still, it's imported as a model instead of a patch mesh. I do think that is the better way of doing things so @@AshuraDX if you could help me out that would be awesome
  9. @@Ramikad: thanks I'll keep that in mind @@AshuraDX: Yeah I meant it has to be in the models folder or it just shows up as a box in gtkradiant, now I can preview it in editor. From what I've read so far I'd very much prefer the patch mesh method for terrain. BTW, I send you a message AshuraDX Thanks for all the help so far guys!
  10. Okay thanks for the replies guys I'll contact SomaZ to see if he has a solution. Also, I've been thinking about exporting the terrain as .ase but I don't know if this has any downsides compared to patch meshes. As far as terrain is concerned, what is too much faces/tris to use? EDIT: doesn't md3 have a size limit of 512units from the origin? This means the terrain can only ever be max 1024*1024 if I understand it. UPDATE: I finally realized you have to place the .ase model in the models directory
  11. Thanks! I'm still trying this with blender but with mixed success I can get a softly shaded wireframe of my terrain in gtkradiant, and it appears there are two quads missing even though I selected everything: Can I just add ground textures (yavin grass for example) to my mesh, and is there a limit to the amount of quads? On a same note, do I have to triangulate the mesh before exporting or does the engine do this automatically? EDIT: @@AshuraDX, could you tell me how you texture the patchmesh and export it because I can't find any info on this. Every tutorial is about texturing and exporting a finished model (md3/glm/ase) for immediate use in the game. But a patchmesh is just an intermediate model for use in the editor as far as I understand it. I've been trying all night but I just can't get my textures to show in gtkradiant.
  12. Thanks EDIT: only problem is that he exports to md3 which has a max size of 512units from object origin. So maps in md3 can only be max 1024*1024 size if I understand correctly. Thing is, the JO/JA export plugins also allow exporting as a patch mesh (.map), I was kinda hoping that I would be able to model my terrain in blender and then export as a patch mesh so that gtkradiant recognises it as if it were created within gtkradiant.
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