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  1. Used to love playing this map on TK / IceWolf's Makermod and having ship to ship combat... My only request would be a more expanded ship to ship combat area as sometimes it can feel a little bit on the small side.
  2. All makermod players, past, present and future, we have made a discord for us all to use so please join it https://discord.gg/jpS62tW
  3. Hey guys I'm always interested in getting Makermod back up and running Jus hit me up ^^
  4. Love me or hate me Provaz - I'm sure we've all matured and grown over the years enough to move past any differences we've had in the past.
  5. Indeed we can, however I was thinking for the moment we all jus get the community going again =D add me on steam BandanaBenji
  6. So, my name is {LR}Benji, some of you might know me, some of you probably don't.. I'm posting this to see if there are any players who used to play Makermod around or if there any any new players who might be interested in a building / creativity / sand box mod for JKA.
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