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  1. Hey peeps, We openend 2 new ladders within the ESL. 1on1 Saber New Ladder 1on1 Saber Singleonly Ladder. More info can be found here: http://www.esl.eu/eu/jkja/news/208661/ Best regards,
  2. Im kinda in the dark here. What is his agenda, and did he do this before?
  3. What are your favorite non official duel maps? =)
  4. Hey peeps, No idea if I'm allowed to post it in here! But we are going to host a 1on1 Autumn Cup on the ESL (Electronic Sports League). People that are unfamiliar with the ESL can get up to speed reading this! To make it short: The ESL provides the play of video games competitively. There has been a Jedi Academy section since the launch and we are still going, although our activity has been droped. But we still manage to host cups like this! With the recent launch of jkhub.org we see a opportunity to reach other jka communities that might be interesting the ESL, or people that like to have fun, but still feel the need to be a little more competitive. 1on1 autumn cup info: Sign-up: until 21/10/12 12:00 Start: 21/10/12 20:00 Size: 32 players (64 if needed) Structure: Single Elimination These terms might confuse you, but more info can be found here! There is also a guide for new players on how to register and sign-up to cups and ladders. If you have any questions feel free to ask them directly to me (toaster@staff.esl.eu). Im currently the Master League Admin (MLA) of the JKA ESL section! Or you can make a support ticket here, and I or one of the other admin squad members can help you out! I will be interviewed by Caelum in the near future, so you guys could get to know me better, and more about the ESL. Best regards, Gerco "ToasteR"
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