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  1. It worked as I wanted. Thank you mrwonko! -Solved-
  2. I'll try to make this short and clear to save us all time xD: I was making some skins of the jedi_hm and decided to add some shaders. My doubt has to do with an effect I was adding to an specific skin (which I show inside the following spoiler): Basically, what I would like to do is, make that "redeffect" to be applied ONLY to the, let's say, "white part" of the arms (since as you can see, it is currently being applied to the whole arm). My skills in what refers to shaders aren't very advanced xD, so it would be nice to get some help with this, or at least, if you know of another skin which has got exactly what I'm looking for so I can take the shader and try it, it would be fine. I'll put the code I have used: models/players/lf_hm/robes03_arms { { map models/players/lf_hm/robes03_arms blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO rgbGen lightingDiffuseEntity } { map models/players/lf_hm/robes03_arms blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map gfx/effects/redeffect blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ONE tcGen environment tcMod scroll 0.2 0.2 } } Thank you for your time.
  3. Version 1.1


    English: Description: "LF Arena Duelos" is a clan map designed by FireFox (ArkantoS15) and mapped by Cristian_L. It was intended as a Tri al ground, so don't expect it to be very big. It has got two sectors for battlers, which are connected to the main area by a bridge each one (both bridges can be deactivated in those sectors). Feel free to report any bugs or errors like for example: missing textures (though we have previously checked all this). Installation: Unzip the file, and get LFArenaDuelos.pk3 in your base folder. Special thanks: As it is the first map published by our clan, I would like to thank LF clan itself for the patience shown, specially Cristian_L who took the time to learn how to map, and improve his skills. Español: Descripción: "LF Arena Duelos" es un mapa del clan diseñado por FireFox (ArkantoS15) y mapeado por Cristian_L. Fue pensado como un área de p ruebas, así que no esperen que sea muy grande. Tiene dos sectores para los combatientes, los cuales están conectados al área central mediante un puente cada uno (ambos puentes pueden ser desactivados en dichos sectores). Sientanse libres de reportar cualquier bug o error como por ejemplo: Texturas faltantes (aunque ya hemos revisado todo esto previamente). Instalación: Descomprime el archivo, y pon LFArenaDuelos.pk3 en tu carpeta base. Agradecimientos especiales: Como es el primer mapa publicado por nuestro clan, me gustaría agradecer al Clan LF en si por la paciencia demostrada, especialmente a Cristian_L quien se tomo el tiempo de aprender a mappear, y mejorar su habilidades.
  4. The problem was that they weren't showing on Radiant. Apparently it got solved. Thank you MoonDog .
  5. Well, first of all I would like to apologize if this isn't the right place to post this. It just seemed to be as the best one. One of my clanmates has got some problems while trying to add new textures in GTK. Some time ago, this didn't happen to him, but now it seems to be happening for, apparently, no reason. I will explain what he has been doing. Sorry if I'm not clear enough, I'm translating it since English is not our native language. "By creating it from 0 or from another image, on GIMP (I believe he uses 2.6 since we had problems while using 2.8 or higher) it worked but now not even that. I did it with a resolution of 512x512. Then I tried something that solved a problem similar before, by taking a texture for bespin, and adding over it the image I wanted, obviously making dimensions be the right ones, and the same in case it was 1024 or any other resolution. Now not even that works. I put textures in the folder base/textures/"NameoftheNewTexturesFolder", and they used to be found without problem when I put them there" Just to add, he also made sure they were in jpg, or tga, and that they weren't too heavy. So basically, that's all I have got as information. Any help will be welcome.
  6. 129 downloads

    Description: Game Loading Screen: It changes the image that appears when the game begins to load. Menu music: It changes to the Rebuilt Jedi Enclave song you can hear while playing KotOR II: The Sith Lords (hope this is not taken as Spam or something ). Console background image: Gave it a bit of blue tone but principalle more brightness. Menu Background image: I played a bit with Constrast and Brightness . Also made the Circle in the center black and changed some arrows to a brighter blue. Button color background: Made it brighter Game Cursor: Changed it for the one you have in Jk2, and changed the "blade" from blue to red. Server connection/ Initializing Screne: Changed the whole image. Game Hud: Changed the hud to a one with our Clan Logo, made the hud grey, made the Health, Armor, Ammo and Force bars brighter also. Saber Core: Althought I made it brighter, I'm not very sure that this change can be easily noted. Lightning: I gave both the Flash and the lightning itself a blue color. Scope: Gave it a tone of Red, changed the circle that spins when looking further, turn the power charging bar to black, and made a "cross" in the center of the scope. Menu and scoretable: When you are inside the game, and press "Esc" the menu bar that appears on the top, well that bar was given a darker blue tone, and also to the one from the score table. Comments: It is very important to take into account that you must put this Modification in EVERY MOD you use if you want it to work. For example, in my case I use both basejk3 and JA+. If I don't put it in "japlus" folder, when I execute that mod it won't work. Credits: Firstly, I must give credits for the Music I used in the Menu, which I got from Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. This soundtrack is not my creation so I claim no credit for it. Secondly, I thank my Clan for helping me to test this modification, principally the music.
  7. Version v2


    Description: A reskin I did of a jeditrainer, to which I added sounds. I can say it is one of my first skins . However, the voices are in Spanish since it is my native language.
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