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  1. This might be a mod for you, then... https://jkhub.org/files/file/3439-longsabers/
  2. I haven't used a default playermodel for quite a while now I'll have to try it out again.
  3. I wanted to do this mod without changing the NPC's into different ones. Changing the models of the assassin droids and hazardtrooper essentially changes who they are. However, you are right about the saboteur -- I will do that in an update soon.
  4. Sounds like a new Hardcore Mode, without actually modifying the game binaries! Your idea is coming soon.
  5. In my experience, the game would crash every time the 'player' would get within range to start attacking with his saber. It would do fine if he wasn't near anybody, but the instant he gets within attacking range, the game would crash.
  6. Just wait until you get to Dosunn
  7. It actually makes fighting a bit harder. You have to get right up on your opponent to hit them, and when you're that close, you're also within range of their attacks too. It's easier for dark Sith to grab you and do their Force Drain hold as well, so keep and eye on your Force energy so you can escape. It's not really impractical... I'd say it's more like a handicap that adds difficulty.
  8. That's a good idea. I'll do that soon. The mod will go down though once I make an update, and it took quite a while for my other mods to come back up. Took a number of days. (not bashing jkhub, I know you guys have lives ) I mainly made this because I was sick of the Player always crashing my game and not working properly. I think for the Force attributes, I did copy a bit from some of the Reborn.
  9. 244 downloads

    IGNORE THE TINY LIGHTSABERS IN THE SCREENSHOTS, THEY ARE FROM ANOTHER MOD. PlayerFix is a mod that will fix the default 'player' NPC included in the game. With this mod, the player NPC will now act just like any other NPC, and will no longer crash the game when fighting. There are a few variants to the NPC. Variants below with an asterisk (*) on them also have dark-side variants if you add "_dark", for example "player_dark". player*Player NPC with average Force abilities and can use all three saber styles. [*]player_fast* Player NPC with average Force abilities, only uses Fast saber style, and has better reactions. [*]player_boss* Player NPC with overpowered Force abilities, uses all three saber styles, and has fully aggressive AI. [*]player_weak* Player NPC with no Force abilities, uses all three saber styles, and has unaggressive and dumb AI. [*]player_neutral Player NPC (same as 'player') on Neutral team. [*]player_free Player NPC (same as 'player') on Free team.
  10. I actually also have that mod installed as well. That might be what did it.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right mod, but I have a PK3 in my base folder called "zzzzzzBlade_Animations.pk3" which I think is the mod that does it. I don't know for sure where it came from though; there's no readme and I can't find its zip file.
  12. 43 downloads

    TinySabers will make all lightsabers in the game have the shortest possible length. This length is 4. This makes them look and act more like knives or daggers than swords. It also adds a level of difficulty to the campaign, as you have to get right up on your enemies to kill them. Known issues: None that I have found.
  13. 154 downloads

    LongSabers is a mod that gives every lightsaber in the game a near-infinite length. To be exact, the length of the sabers is 5,000. This is longer than most of the playable areas in the game appear to be. Known issues: Not only are the sabers longer, but they also generate more light. The entire map is bathed in light from the sabers. It gets pretty loud with multiple sabers on at a time. I recommend turning down the effects volume. The mod also works in MP, but it's purely cosmetic.
  14. 594 downloads

    This simple mod will give almost every NPC in the game lightsabers. The exceptions are those which can't wield lightsabers, like assassin droids and hazard troopers. Every NPC affected: chewie cultist cultistcommando cultist_destroyer cultist_drain cultist_grip cultist_lightning galak gran human_merc impcommander imperial impofficer impworker jan lando noghri rax rebel rebel2 reelo rockettrooper rockettrooper_w rodian saboteur saboteurpistol saboteursniper snowtrooper stcommander stofficer stofficeralt stormpilot stormtrooper swamptrooper trandoshan tusken tuskensniper weequay Known issues: Saboteurs do not attack while invisible. Some NPC's that are assigned special weapons (like Rosh with his pistol or Rax with his cannon) will not use lightsabers. Non-force-users will occasionally use Force Push. This is part of saber defense for some reason, and if I disable that, then instead of deflecting blasters, the lasers go straight through them as though they don't exist. Occasionally, you will see an NPC that is scripted to stay in one place. They will still jump and dodge, but they won't walk towards you. Any NPC wielding a lightsaber cannot be affected by Mind Trick. Sadly, this includes NPC's affected by this mod. Any NPC wielding a lightsaber will also use Push to cancel a Force Choke hold on them. Again, this includes the NPC's affected by this mod. This made the campaign pretty interesting; almost everyone in the game uses lightsabers. It's especially funny to see them turn on eachother by accident occasionally, too.
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