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  1. I have similar issues on a fresh install of JKA. Binding +saber_throw to anything makes it misbehave. It works just fine if it isn't bound. Also, equipping a saber puts me into firstperson by default, with no option that I can see to change it.
  2. sabercolor 2 changes the color of the second saber, not the second blade. So, unfortunately, that doesn't help me - I tested it. While my little mod is made obsolete by another, I'd still love to find a solution for this - I hate to leave it imperfect.
  3. I made some sabers that use two blades to achieve different colors. Unfortunately, I found an issue - upon map change, both saber colors change to whatever is in the g_saber_color cvar, making the entire point moot. The entire reason I bothered making this mod was because the RGB Sabers SP mod had a similar problem for me - RGB sabers colors rarely survived map change. As far as I can tell, there just plain isn't a second saber color cvar. I tried finding it with a memory editor, I tried editing the menu files (which I'm really bad at), nothing. "sabercolor 1 color color2" works for the current map, but I can't find anything that changes color2 permanently within a save. Does anyone have any ideas? Perhaps a way to re-apply the sabercolor cheat upon a map change, or a way to permanently set one blade's color either within the model file or elsewhere? Perhaps even a cvar to prevent the game from dumping the color variable during map change? The color sticks through save/load, just not through map change. (Adding another saber tag so as to not use the "feature" of projecting two blades from one tag doesn't help, either.) [Edit] I just found a Singleplayer RGB sabers mod that seems to work perfectly, making mine obsolete. Over here.
  4. Ramikad is exactly right. The damage does multiply, but that's simple to fix with a damagescale 0.5 setting. I tested it with g_debugdamage, and as far as I can tell these double-sabers are equivalent to normal ones. They also shouldn't have an advantage with disarming or saber-locks. The only side-effect I found was sparks/particle effects when your saber intersects something - they're roughly doubled. I could probably remove the particle effects from the second blade, but frankly I didn't feel like bothering with it. As for JA+/JA++ compatibility, I'm not sure. If it allows you to use custom sabers, then this should be usable. However, you can easily get these colors using the RGB Sabers in multiplayer, so I'm not sure why you would need these. Still, this mod is essentially just some added hilt settings - it should be compatible with almost literally anything out there. I do, however, have a pretty damn large problem I found only after uploading - map changes reset the second saber color, forcing you to re-use the saber cheat. That's inconvenient, to say the least. As far as I can see, there just *isn't* a cvar for the secondary saber color. There's g_saber_color and g_saber2_color, but no g_saber_color2, nor does g_saber_color take two arguments. Any ideas for fixing that?
  5. Version 1.0


    This mod adds some sabers that simulate a few possible RGB colors in singleplayer. This ONLY includes single sabers and dual wielding, no saber staves. It is possible to make this sort of thing for saber staves, but you would need to edit a model and add a couple of blade tags. Check out a hilt-making tutorial if you're feeling up to it. INSTALLATION: Place the add_saber_colors.pk3 in your Jedi Academy GameData\Base folder. USAGE: Load a save or start a new game. Press shift + tab to open the console. Type helpusobi 1 to enable cheats. saber sabername for a single saber, or saber sabername sabername to dual wield sabers. The available sabernames/colors are: col_white col_cyan col_lime col_darkorange col_pink col_violet col_salmondark col_salmonlight col_salmonpink col_twocolor col_multicolor All of the sabers except twocolor and multicolor should be equivalent in gameplay to normal sabers, except for some mostly unnoticeable things (more sparks, etc). Twocolor and Multicolor are different, as they aren't composed of two fully overlapping blades like the rest. This means that they may be slightly more or less powerful than normal sabers. I tried to compensate, but it's not ideal. I strongly recommend editing the files and playing around with the twocolor and multicolor color combinations if you're partial to those. There are quite a few possibilities. All of the sabers use the saber_9/Firebrand hilt. If you wish to use a different one, simply edit the colored.sab file within the pk3 and change the "saberModel" line to whatever model you wish to use. You should be able to use any hilt, default or not. KNOWN BUGS: The saber colors reset upon a mapchange, forcing you to use the saber cheat again. I don't know of a way to fix this at this point.
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