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  1. Fair enough. Thank you anyway! You should tell your friend to put it out there, I can tell a lot of people would like to have that in Jedi Academy at some point!
  2. Hello! Any chance you might have a Killik model in your collection? I'd really love to see them make their way into JKA.
  3. Thank you, thank you! You're the best!
  4. Hello, hello! Loving the new releases! Any chance of getting a link to these? 1 & 2 I also have an unusual request if it interests you and you have a moment to spare. (100% not influenced by playing JFO too much.?) Thanks in advance!
  5. That is absolutely awesome !!! Is it possible to release a stand alone version for MP?
  6. Hey mate! I don't know if you still do requests or not, but is there any chance you'd be willing to do those two droids from TFU? I know someone's made a Proxy model somewhere, so if you don't want to do it that's fine I'll just use that one. Thank you so much in advance! https://p3dm.ru/files/characters/supernatural/7067-proxy-.html https://p3dm.ru/files/characters/supernatural/7298-statue-melee-.html
  7. You sir, are amazing! I know this is probably really greedy and I hope you forgive me for it! But, is there any chance you'd be willing to share the protocol droid, lep servant droid, snow plo koon and that amazing wonderful speeder bike?
  8. Amazing! If you happen to have The Massassi creatures rigged and are willing to share them, that'd be Awesome!
  9. Are you going to be releasing the Rhino in space as a joined/separate map? If so that'll amazing and will add more to the RP element!
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