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  1. 34. There is porn of it, no exceptions. 34.2. There are ponies of it, no exceptions.
  2. I...map. I intend on making and releasing some high quality entity modifications eventually, as well as perhaps, erm...Re-coded Lugormod, once I ever get around to that.
  3. Turn Razors avatar into a playable character, weapon, vehicle, map, texture, sky shader, shader, and or website background. Then we buy a lot of gold, and put it with JKA and sell it for two bucks. Then Razors awesomeness plus the Gold Edition of JKA will ensure tons of people buy the game, thus ensuring we fend off the upcoming Global apocalypse/Economic, as everyone will have gold, and Razor will be with us all.... Also, serious about the Razor part.
  4. Yeah, I sort of am getting the main hangar done-ish. Its a lot less horrible than...Mugs and Sefs...Oh Gawd, the horrors...Oh Gawd, oh my gawd....God....Please exist. Anywhose, yeah. Expect a proper Hoth map...eventually .
  5. I'll take a crack at this then. Still trying to fix up Mugs Cosmos map though. That is a royal pain.
  6. Windows 8 drivers. Attempt to uninstall and reinstall. It sometimes has conflicts, plus, try even trying to install different drivers. I had this error myself at one point in time. On one system, I had to just reinstall the drivers. On another, the entire OS.
  7. I, erm, do use HD Graphics. No problem at all. I also use a 64 bit system. I also am using Windows 8. Running as Administrator, no compatibility mode(Though feel free to use it if you must), and copying the entire JKA Folder to the Desktop if nothing else works seems to do the trick Then again, OpenJKA is so much better. Give him to the dark side of JKA Coders. They have cookies and milk.
  8. Kotor 2 folder, settings.txt or whatever it is called. Windowed mode-True or yes, whichever the game used. 800x600 resolution, or until you got the right one. Compatibility mode.
  9. Folks, we should use SecurRom. Like Bishock, mass effect, etc.
  10. As, I really do not view this as a Star Wars game. Title is all I see. Horrible Single-Player, does not exist for me. Single-Player? Remove the sabers, put in some swords. Medieval armor models/skins, a medieval map. Congratulations, the medieval ages you have! Star Trek? That as well. I view this as a game that has the most amazing sword combat system, and you can put any "skin" or "theme" you want onto it, or even change the core gameplay via modifications. I suppose extreme example is how many people say SWTOR is a Star Wars skin, and its a clone of WoW.
  11. Before we enter into a discussion ended a decade plus ago, let us all be reminded of the peace and grace of our holy lord, may she guide us forever, Caelum, provider of all our JKA services. Let us all avoid the flame. Moving on, nice attempt to instigate chaos. IF you genuinely believe that, k. Bye bye. In relation to cheating, you could just ask. A lot of people are honest.
  12. Hold on, we are working on it. Slenderman is coming to JKA. Herobrine as well.
  13. It can work. I was able to do both on Windows 7 and 8, as well as 8.1. You have to mess with the setting txt file, run in windowed mode, and the like.
  14. I suppose I will make a request here for the Naruto character: Deva path. http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120819083412/naruto/images/e/e3/Deva_Path.png http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/310/6/6/pain__deva_path__tg_card_by_puja39-d5k5x1z.jpg Video that will show a lot more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INrz9w9ZIjU
  15. Wine works. I did it for quite awhile, and it works perfectly. I forget if you had to download a few extra DLL's and other specific files. Make sure you have Wine in windowed mode. I also suggest using Play on Linux, which allows for a GUI-multiple versions of Wine, etc.
  16. I say two and a half. Maybe a bit more. Friend, you would not like Rend2 as it is. Unless of course you enjoy bugs. I know I enjoy bugs. That is why I have a pet Windows Vista in my closet. It tries to come out. But it is in a cage. Wait, I think I hear something. Bill Gates it always watching. I must Praise the sun more.
  17. Come back in ten years.
  18. Your own server? Go to the JKAHub Wiki and find the .Sab. DL a quick custom saber, add the styles, and add them to the server. Then use the said saber.
  19. So after reading those, Hint Portals. Basically I saw the tutorial putting them at the edges of the corridors as to hide the map behind them, I.E corridors. So can I put them inside walls, as I was using the R feature, and being in a room, rendering the entire map behind the walls, creating low FPS. Or do I create a mini corridor inside each wall, and apply Hint brushes? I already have these assumptions and many more, but I will await confirmation before touching anything. On area portals, I get to put them in every door pretty much. Mitre I get perfectly now, and I have a ton to do, which makes me incredibly happy. Edit: Besides the above of Caulk, Mitre, hint portals, and area portals which I get a lot more now, so if I basically put hints in outside areas, box format, it will not render unless you are past X format. So if I put Hint Portals on or inside walls to basically block, should I be good to go, or am I misunderstanding the subject: Haven't slept for a few days, I apologize for any stupidity. Seeking to expand on what I learned from the university and Mugs tutorials.
  20. Yes. Thank you. Also, I just noticed my map is not making use of any Mitre. That may fix a lot of problems. So many problems. *-*
  21. Found http://www.quake3world.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3620 Very helpful, and just what I needed. I may have to apply every trick in the book to make this better. However. Broken links should be on the Internet Archives. Going to go and see. Hint and Skip shaders, and detail brushes. Oh how lovely. The latter I do understand, its a nice button in the menu. Hint and Skip are slightly confusing. Portals, I assume put in every door.
  22. http://imgur.com/cGvkjEv How bad...Does that look Xd.
  23. Too late. I suppose I could get rid of the glass mirrors everywhere. Prettymuch you can see quite a bit of the map from everywhere : I see. Thank you.
  24. I see. I see a lot of...Problems already using that technique on the map............. -Hint brushes, I am a bit confused on . I suppose I understand the general concept though, a little bit. ---On Mitre, yes sir. Right away. -------To both, thank you.
  25. I suppose Caulking everything not seen. Portals in doors. Think I am forgetting something else. What are other things I can do to fix FPS related issues? Merely asking for some help, ti's all... Obviously. For a somewhat large outdoorish map with horrible FPS and windows everywhere. *-* I think I am nearly fixing it up rather nicely, but knowing more stuff, even if the FPS is perfect, just to boost in anywhose for lower end systems will be good, since I know some people still using Windows 2000 Please and thank you.
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