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Getting rid of all weapons/force-powers

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Hi, I'm wondering what could be the best way to remove all weapons (except for saber) and force-powers (except for jump) so you can't use them anymore in the game.

Of course I can delete them from the menus and remove them from the maps but you would still be able to get them through the console or at least with cheats.

Any idea how I'd remove them completely? Is there a way to "lock" g_forcepowerdisable and g_weapondisable?


Something like (pseudocode):

if (g_weapondisable != 524279)
g_weapondisable = 524279

Or will it be more complicated? Btw do forcepowers get pre-cached (like weapons)?

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Assuming you're using OpenJK, change this line to:

XCVAR_DEF( g_weaponDisable, "524279", NULL, CVAR_SERVERINFO|CVAR_ROM, qfalse )

This defines the basic properties of a cvar. Note the difference of the stuff in quotes. This is the default value. Also note how I changed it from




In this particular case, the CVAR_SERVERINFO flag is needed in both cases, as it's responsible for telling clients on the join server menu that your server doesn't have weapons (for the icon thing). CVAR_ARCHIVE means that it gets saved to the jampserver.cfg, CVAR_LATCH means that it requires a map restart to take effect. CVAR_ROM means that the cvar cannot be changed ingame at all.

So by changing the flags to CVAR_ROM and changing the default value, you're setting the cvar to a fixed default value that cannot be changed.

You can perform a similar edit to g_forcePowerDisable as well.

If you aren't using OpenJK, you can do this in g_main.c. The flags and everything are identical, there's just some slight syntax differences but it's nothing to worry about really.

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