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  1. 12 hours ago, NAB622 said:

    I can say from experience that music files above 128 Kbps frequently fail to load, at least when created with Audacity and the LAME encoding library. Not sure why.

    I haven't seen that happen, and I've been using my Prequel Music Replacement in my base folder for years, which are all at 320kbps made with Audacity. Interesting.

  2. I mean let's be honest it's prob user error


    Every time I copy and paste the code it from the above post and change the resolution the command does nothing, when I look in the config and change it does nothing, I can't imagine it being anything else at this point.


    What laptop is it? And are you sure your resolution is actually 1920x1080? Are you able to change the resolution if you turn off fullscreen?

  3. I did this and my resolution is 1920x1080 it makes the width of the game to 1920 but keeps the height at default, I play on a laptop and it still gives me the 1024x768 box zoomed into 1920x1080 resolution 

    Make sure you are typing the height command correctly. If width works and height doesn't, it sounds like user error. You can also try manually editing the cfg to the correct numbers.

  4. I will say that the first thing I ever learned to do was skinning. Then I made NPCs and Bots for them.

    That's a common progression as well, but I've found that most people start with playing around with cheats, which then lead to messing around with NPC's to create your own variations of characters, then into creating new characters. Plus NPC's are super easy and get you familiar with the basics of PK3 files without diving too much into the creative side which not everyone is able to do.

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