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Lost Jkii "swimsuit" Skins

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Fifteen years ago a fanart pack named JK2 Swimsuit Calendar 2003 was created and uploaded to the JK2files file archive, now obsolete. It depicted collage scenes using several "sexy" reskins of the female game models (both original and fan-made) which existed at that time. All the skins presented there, as far as I understand, were supposed to be publicly available by default at the time of creating calendar, but the trouble is: if most of skins from that calendar was preserved on the Internet in one form or another, then two of them, it seems, can't be found in the Web in any way. There are swimsuit variations of Tavion and clan character named {ICoP}AmosMagee, created by {ICoP}Astyanax — depicted at the May sheet along the swimsuit reskin of Padme:
These two reskins are simple, but seemed to me quite beautiful in themselves, interesting historical, and some of their solutions might be potentially quite useful for creating new variations of female characters in the "classical" JA/JO style. Therefore, I would like to take the last chance to find these skins and ask JKHub community about whether someone saved it. It will be great if these works will be found.

P.S. Bikini version of Lady Brena (January sheet) is also lost, as I see. This skin looks not so good as two mentioned abowe, but it can also be very useful for creating different variations of female zabrack appearances, especially civillian ones (basically i think that this model has a huge kitbash/edit potential, and quite unfairly forgotten) — so finding it would be great too.

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