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Hello there!


I often go by Goku in-game but that name was taken here so I'll go with my chosen alias - big moist.  I've jused JaMME for a while so please check out my channel if you want.


I've played this game since about 2006 and by this point I've built up quite the library of videos I've directed and recorded in the game. Now these videos range from story driven to just random mess-arounds, and it often involves the various people I've been playing with over the years. My main reason for doing these is because I find both the process of coming up with ideas and filming them to be fun. I also enjoy the editing process.


I can't share all of them here but I'll link to my channel and a select few videos. I'd be very happy if you wanna check them out.


- stay moist or dry hard


Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7fJuu7qOnsJmRbndejtHYw 











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My contribution (old videos bases on the same concept):


Kyle Katarn VS All Sith:



Kyle Katarn VS All Sith 2:



Kyle Katarn VS All Sith 3:




Kyle Katarn VS All Sith 4:




Kyle Katarn VS All Sith 5: Grapple City Battle:



Kyle Katarn VS All Sith 6: Kyle & Luke:



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