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OVERVIEW: OpenGL 3 Renderer

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This thread is intended to show some overview on the progress of the GL2 render-engine.

Please don't post any suggestions or wishes here, only status updates on the render-engine. There is another thread intended for it: https://jkhub.org/topic/5120-feature-opengl-2-renderer/


I will keep this post updated and I will post changelogs.


(from rend2)
- normal mapping
- specular mapping
- parallax mapping
- HDR + filmic tonemapping
- multisampled antialiasing
- improved texture compression support

- experimential horizon fading support (needs to be put into mtr shader definitions)
- parallax mapping on unlit materials (from ioq3)
- autoload _n _nh _spec and _rmo textures (.rmo only if r_pbr = 1)
- deluxe mapping
- misc_bsp support (by Xycaleth)
- Linux support (based on Rostyslav Kurylo's work on rend2)
- support for both PBR workflows (specular gloss and roughness metallic)
- proper environment probe evaluation based on the split sum approximation introduced in the "Real Shading in Unreal Engine 4" paper
- screen space reflections

- metals gets rendered as nonmetals at cubemap generation (from ioq3) Need to build cubemaps twice for proper metal rendering in cubemaps now. I will implement this in the near future.
- force speed trail (not completely fixed, but much better, will be replaced with motion blur when implemented)
- normals and tangents on ghoul2 models for normal mapping
- "invalid src blend state bits" error for the JK2 menu and every material that uses "GL_ONE_MINUS_DST_ALPHA" or "GL_DST_ALPHA"
- disintegration effect
- fog (started by Xycaleth)

WIP (in order of prioritys)

- real time occlusion culling
- shadow rendering (prototype is working)
- deferred rendering (prototype is working, its more like a pre pass lighting system now, kind of)
- real time lighting
- PBR:

  • IBL: done
  • AO handling: missing
  • Specular calculations: done
  • Diffuse calculations: missing

- global illumination
- weather (started by Xycaleth)
- surface sprites (started by Xycaleth)
- refraction rendering (prototype is working)
- water shader (prototype is working)
- realtime light editor mode (cooperation with ezzstreet)  working on a blender plugin to place lights and cubemaps


- motion blur
- ghoul2 marks
- flares (works, but needs a better system imo)

WISHLIST (maybe never implemented)

- equirectangular images for skyboxes
- 16-bit image support (for more precise normalmapping or hdr skyboxes)
- soft particles
- anisotropic brdf
- procedual sky
- light emitting materials
- detail normal mapping stage
- wrinkle maps:

  • animation blended wrinkle maps (example: facial animations)
  • deformation blended wrinkle maps (example: dynamic cloth folds)

- sub-surface scattering
- eye shader with texture warping filter which correlates to the incoming light





















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