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Need someone to create new AI Classes for Epic Challenge Mod IV

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Hello there,



Well I'm already working on the next chapter of my SP mods journey, Epic Challenge Mod IV: Temple Of Time.



Asgarath83 already created two new classes (really good ones), but I would like to create new classes because I was thinking about:

- A character (an old and wise jedi) who will always wait you to attack (never move and attack first) but who will always look at you, lightsaber on, and wait for your attack to strike you down. He will be strong (as strong as the desann class) but with less moves (his moves need to be violents and efficient, like Obi in Rebels).

- A Vader class, who will always walk and will jump really really few but will be very skilled with lightsaber and use grip and push/pull really efficiently.



Anybody who wants to be involved in the mod ? :D


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