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Fun fact: they experimented with JA on Xbox 360

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In the original source release included were the code chunks for original Xbox. Most people know this. What non-coders might not know is that the single player code was actually configured for Xenon, which was a developer codename for the Xbox 360. I don't have access to the Xbox 360 SDK, so who knows whether it actually compiled, but the .vcproj (Visual C++ Project) files reference Xenon often. I was trying to figure out why I couldn't get the single player code to load in Visual Studio and found it by looking into the .vcproj with Notepad++.


Relevant? Probably not, but I thought it might be neat for some people to know. I mean who knows why it happened really. The dreamers might think it was planned for 360 but cancelled, but my guess is that this was just an internal experiment. Maybe a member of the dev team was trying to get familiar with 360 development and decided to work with an existing codebase. Who knows.

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