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Mac build restored


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I am Mac user, and I unsuccessfully tried to build OpenJK on my mac.


I followed the instructions given in the "Compilation guide" page (https://github.com/JACoders/OpenJK/wiki/Compilation-guide).

Please find in the following gist the instructions I used for the build:



While the compilation seems to be successful, I eventually get a "segmentation fault" error when I try to run OpenJK (I have put logs of the error in the following gist: https://gist.github.com/badock/689f8f44ba0df0a60d2915e34cbf2c76


Despite spending few hours on this, I could not manage to find a way to run OpenJK from a local build :-(


Could you share the script you are using to generate the mac build?





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Thanks for your quick response!


I have been able to run the last provided build without experiencing any segfault error. The only logs I could access is the one included in the following gist:



I don't have a lot of experience with C/C++ programming, is there a way to have more details about the error?


Are you building the MacOS version of OpenJK from a MacOS system?

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EDIT: Hello, I managed to find the cause of the error, and to fix it:


In a recent commit:



the function "ri.GL_ExtensionSupported" has been created to replace "GL_CheckForExtension".
While "ri.GL_ExtensionSupported" was initialized in the single player code, it was not the case in the multiplayer code.

Adding such an initialization in the multiplayer code enabled to launch successfully the game.


I have created a tiny pull request that proposes this fix:



Best regards,




PS: a big thanks to the OpenJK community for maintaining one of my favorite game!

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