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[Concept]Player Trading

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Player Trading


Initiate Trading Session

Players may initiate another trade with another player by using the bound trade key.  In this example, let's suppose you've bound +trade to "k".  I walk up to [JKG]EEZSTREET and press K.  A chat message will inform eezstreet that I wish to trade with him.  He will have 10 seconds to respond.  If he makes no response, or refuses the offer to trade, the system will reply to me with a message, "[PlayerName] has refused your trade offer".  The message eezstreet will see reads, "[JKG]DarthFutuza has offered to trade with you. You have 10 seconds to respond, accept? Y/N".  If eezstreet replies with /y it will accept the trade.  He can also accept the trade by looking at me and pressing "k" within the 10 seconds.  (The reason we will not use a popup dialog box, is because it is exploitable.  eg: Player presses k at another player and then shoots them while they're looking at popup).  If you attempt to trade with someone who is already trading with someone else or doing something else such as Pazaak, the system will respond with "[PlayerName] is busy right now.  Try again later."



Once the trading session begins, you will see a screen similar to the following:




  • Items listed under inventory can be selected and added to your offer box (left pane window), by pressing add item or right clicking on the item and selecting add item from the context menu.
  • Items offered to me by eezstreet will be shown in the right pane window.
  • Clicking on the money bag icon will open a popup dialog box to offer credits/adjust the current credit offer.
  • Pressing y draws the chat overlay on top while you are typing.
  • Console log of trade actions and chat between you and eezstreet will be shown in the center console panel.
  • Items can be removed by selecting it and clicking "remove item" or by right clicking on it in the offer window and selecting remove item.
  • Multiple items can be added at once via the context menu.
  • Once both players are ready to trade and have adjusted their offers, they will press accept.  A checkmark will appear on the offer indicating the offer has been accepted.  If a player adjust their offer while the other has accepted the present offer, the acceptation will be cancelled and the new change will need to be accepted.  Once both players have accepted mutually, the server will exchange items.
  • Pressing decline when you have accepted the present offer, will remove your acceptation.  Pressing decline when no offer has been accepted will close out the trade.
  • Credits: indicates how many credits are being offered.
  • Market Value: Represents the total market value of all items offered + credits
  • If the present offers have a more than 10% market value difference between the two, a warning icon will appear as well as a < symbol toward the offer that is worth the most. (This is just a warning and can be ignored if desired).
  • Hovering the mouse cursor over an item (in inventory or offer window), will show the item description and name.  (Draws the description box from the cursor towards the center of the screen).



I have offered eezstreet an HK-972 Deepcool Carbonite Rifle and 2342 credits (total market value of 4900) in exchange for a Broken Blastech Detonator Scrap and 2342 credits (total market value of 2400).  The system shows the warning icon and shows that my offer is worth more (I'm ripping myself off).  We both have accepted the offer (it draws a check mark on your offer panel once you have accepted the present offer).  At this point in time the trade dialog is about to close out and the server will exchange the items.



Trade can be initiated between any living players in Phase II.  During Phase I trading will only be allowed between living members of the same team.



Other Screens (very WIP):










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