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Currently there isn't much discussion of metagame, but I expect there to be some discussion after the scrimmage match. Based on the few matches that I've played, here's what I've gathered.


The main strategy I've seen is to build into either a Diplomat blaster and redeem the 500 credits with kills, or to wait and build into slugthrower. Slugthrowers are pretty strong for the moment, and they can pretty reliably rack up kills. Most of the pistols (including the Diplomat) could use a price reduction to be competitive in the early game, because they are very easily outclassed by Slugthrowers. On the other hand, slugthrowers will be pretty dampened by armor, but I suspect that most people will be packing armor to try and build around it.


I do think that grenades and trip mines need a price reduction, because they are simply too expensive. Grenades are supposed to be build-enhancing items, not build-defining ones. Trip mines don't reliably produce kills and have the negative effect of being disarmed for credits.

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