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Insert Button Active All The Time

Fire Phoenix

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I noticed that when you're trying to change name in player section insert button is active when you click on name section. It's pretty annoying because it replaces the next letters of the name. I know I can just press insert and get rid of it but it doesn't happens in other mods - only OpenJK. And specifly it is located in uix86.dll file. I know this because replacing this file with one from other mods or base solves the problem. 

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You mean that overstrike mode is on by default or is off by default?  It's not that the insert button is active its that the Insert vs Overstrike mode is not changed anymore unless you explicitly set it.


Because im 99% sure overstrike is off by default and stays that way (allowing you to insert where-ever rather than overwrite characters) and this was a fix because its annoying to have all textboxes put overstrike mode on when you unfocus them.  There was a bug which would cause it to always set overstrike mode globally in the game when you left a UI textbox.


Insert mode: (Doesn't delete characters if you aren't at the end of the string)  (Fixed default behavior)





What happens when you turn overstrike mode on: (Not very helpful most of the time)






Which of these are you seeing that you believe to be broken?

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I didn't say any of these is broken, however in JKJA vanilla the mode on the second picture is set by default but in openJK the one on the first picture is default. I know I can switch between these mods with ''insert'' button but I just thought its not intended or some kind of bug. Is there any cmd to switch default type of mode? Personally I like the second one more.
For example I can't add any letters in the middle of the word because both these modes replace further symbols.

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So you're saying you like it when text on the right is deleted when you enter text in the middle of the word?


And I'm quite certain this one I just described isn't default in jka.

no, I'm saying that I wouldn't like text on the right to be deleted, but I would like to add something in the middle without removing any text.

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no, I'm saying that I wouldn't like text on the right to be deleted, but I would like to add something in the middle without removing any text.


What you would like is what happens by default in all of OpenJK unless you're using base or some old mod is what I was trying to say so I don't know how your stuff is configured.



The | means INSERT the _ means OVERWRITE text to the left as you type (removing text)  Our default has not changed, I fixed a bug that erroneously turns the overwrite mode ON at times though so I don't know what the issue here is.  It's not based on some keyboard Windows state at all, its an internal value which is off by default ( with | no overwriting )  I've tested several times now and can't see how you get it with overwrite turned on by default without having to press the insert key yourself.

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I'm telling you it is unchanged from insert mode.


Was set, no longer set:




I literally just tested in jamp and it defaults to what you say you don't want to happen with overwrite mode with the _ and adding any letters in jamp removes the rest of the text in JAMP.  It does not do this in OpenJK, because it uses insert mode to allow you to add text wherever in the string always instead of turning on overwrite mode upon entering any field.


This is what happens in jedi academy and every other mod you describe as working fine:










So I'm not sure why you think this should be intended behavior when you said its not what you want it to do...  Because in this case the insert "button" (insert/overstrike mode) is not active at all.

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Oh lol... I just noticed that it works that way in JAMP or mb2 as well. I feel like a complete retard. Sorry for wasting your time. I don't understand some things you told me though. Did you manage to prevent replacing the letters on the right by any chance? Is it good or bad that | and _ do the same for me? I switch these | and _ modes by pressing "insert" on keyboard tell me if its wrong too. Sorry for the mess again lol.

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Well I find it still happens with | in OJK too so im not sure why.  This doesn't happen in the console unless the insert flag has been flipped.


Turns out there's another code thing that chops the string regardless of the insert/overstrike state.  Blame rww from Raven :D

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