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A Problem I'm having with OpenJK

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So when I hosted a server using OpenJK on a Mac the map, playermodel, menu etc turn grey and white, what do I do to fix that?


I don't know anything about OpenJK... I reply you just because I reply when I read something...don't want to not to help just because I can't.. and if I knew really I must..


This is a common reference to Missing Textures in JKA. Try identifying the source of the problem. You'll solve it you get more involved in it. Ask people here like @@eezstreet and see tutorials for OpenJk..


It depends even on if it is already a OpenJK map as far as textures are concerned... and if the map uses common textures that could be located in another path.


If you can, you can try what I've said you in another pc...otherwise I've found what really is, now that I think on it !!

If the problem is .Mac ... probably (and surely I'm ignorant in Apple stuff :P) I could just say you that there should be a file that you put in each folder to make its files utilizable in Mac.

To try doesn't harm. Try this last option, the more logical, if the states are true. With all I know and the few I know I want to be useful. Hope you to solve this as soon as possible. Let me know here 'cause I'm following the topic. I have just one thing against you : you're a servant of the darkness, Jedi as good people don't think for themselves...if I have to do other things. Helping others makes us find the richness of life. You earn more with the others than with an object or a dead purpose. Living things are higher and have a true value. Even in such a "stupid" things. I don't care if my reply has been useless, if it had. Best wishes for all ;)

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