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Shooting weapons projectiles crushes each other with wall efx impacts

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I was ever frustrated because with saber you can defend by other projectiles, but you haven't any defense when you ysing shoot weapons.

so i was thinking of making a code that can allow to use the projectiles hitself as shield:

example: if a blaster hits a blatser shooted by an enemy, the two blaster shoot crash each other and play wall impact efx.

is this possible to make something like that? maybe using an half way between the wall impact code and the force pushing code of projectiles or the force defense saber code?

i can also make simply all projectiles pushables with force push, but also NPC will do that and it should be frustrating.

also, is hard to push a fast projectiles with the same speed of NPC. a sith with force push resist to concussion and tocket launcher many more of player. because is hard to shoot the force push in the correct moment for deflect the shoot.


however, i want to improve a lot the shoot fight because in JKA shooters are ever outmached against saberist.




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