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Art's Stuff Thread

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Quick update on the instagib map, I added bases for either side so CTF can be played.  I don't think the layout is ideal for CTF because there are only 2 ways in/out of the bases and one of them is a teleport (I ran out of patience with trying to connect hallways together).  Hopefully I'll be seeing the map in action soon, so I'll know what all to fix so I can call it done.  I did forget about changing the sky, but the map's taking about 2 hours to compile now, so I won't be messing with it just yet.







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Aaaaand I'm back for another post.

I'm going to be adding the Duel1 replacement to the list of downloads at the beginning of this thread.  The only difference (that I remember) from the screenshots of it before is that I've added a Jedi Knight League banner to the back wall.  It should be fully playable on base servers, provided that you use Eternaljk or have another way of bypassing sv_pure.  It will possibly break on FFA servers that have it entity modded into another map, though, so beware.

And now for something new, I've spent the past month working with someone else as a partial art director to make an FFA3 replacement that will work the same way as the Duel1 replacement.  I'll also be adding it to the links at the beginning of the thread.  The final compile took almost 14 hours total (to think I was getting antsy about 2 hour compiles before!), so I don't plan on making any changes to it in the near future.  Maybe in August if there are things that need to be changed.

Several screenshots ahead:












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