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NPC Spawn points

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Wouldn't it be interesting if NPC spawns were in zones/volumes rather than point areas?  That way you could somewhat randomize their spawn positions every time.  Or possibly set a number of enemies in the zone which could also be random/skill dependent.

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I think their alertness should be improved as well. Why should they always know you're there immediately if they didn't necessarily spot you.


In an ideal world to, navigation meshes for the maps would be the best way to improve available paths and using A* to improve path finding. You'd want to look at obstacle handling, goals etc too. And how to handle existing point spots for NPC's for combat etc. I'm not sure you can do much about having the sith camp the ceiling with this system though. They would have to remain as is in terms of spawning.

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What I really find unrealistic in JK games is that enemies are usually just standing around at their guard posts and do nothing until you get to them. Sure, some guards are needed, but I think that smaller squads of enemies should regularly spawn in certain rooms that the player have not yet cleared, and proceed to pursue the player. This would help to keep up the tension, and enemies periodically aproaching from the right direction could help the player if he or she gets lost on the map.

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Unfortunately I don't think that would work too well because most of the time the enemy spawns are triggered by an event or just waiting for them to become in PVS or line of sight maybe.

All it takes is a few triggers. A trigger that periodically fires and spawns a grouop of NPCs if the prievous group is wiped out, and is deactivated when the player kills all guards in the room where the NPCs are supposed to spawn. Setting the "shy" flag on these NPC spawners is a must.

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