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Bots immediately join spectators when spawned with \addbot

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Pretty self-explanatory. Whenever I try to spawn a bot using the \addbot command like so:

\addbot <bot name> <level> <team> <timer> <nickname>

The bot spawned immediately joins the spectators and never participates in the match. I've tried it on ForceMod III classic and EoC IV. In the former bots still act normally when spawned using the menu.

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Well, more specifically it's when I use a line like this:

\addbot rebel 5 blue 5 "Mr. Bot"

When I just type "\addbot rebel" without anything else it works. However I would like to be able to use the timers and nicknames which the menu do not provide, and to be able to spawn specific teams of bots using a .cfg file.

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maybe it is due to the "bot_minplayers" var.

For example, bot_minplayers = 2.

If you are on the server with another bot, the server will remove any additional bot until it reachs 2 players/bots on the server again.

You must increase bot_minplayers if you want the bot to not be forced into spectator.

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