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JA++ blocks

Fire Phoenix

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qboolean WP_SabersCheckLock( gentity_t *ent1, gentity_t *ent2 ) {
float dist;
qboolean ent1BlockingPlayer = qfalse;
qboolean ent2BlockingPlayer = qfalse;

if ( g_debugSaberLocks.integer ) {
WP_SabersCheckLock2( ent1, ent2, LOCK_RANDOM );
return qtrue;
//for now.. it's not fair to the lone duelist.
//we need dual saber lock animations.
if ( level.gametype == GT_POWERDUEL ) {
return qfalse;

if ( !g_saberLocking.integer ) {
return qfalse;
g_saberLocking 0 should absolutely work.
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For some odd reason it actually doesnt.With g_saberlocking 1 ironicly there are less frequent blocks. It works on base and other mods however. The goal is to get 0 blocks like in basejka mod. But I cant seem to do that on JA++ and I have no idea why. Does JA++ have another blocking system or cvar I missed? g_saberlockfactor is on 0

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If using d_saberSPStyleDamage 1, use sv_fps 20

If using d_saberSPStyleDamage 0, tweak japp_saberBlock***, just about all values of japp_saberTweaks, g_saberTraceSaberFirst, d_saberInterpolate, d_saberBoxTraceSize, d_saberAlwaysBoxTrace

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