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Mapping: Sound loudness


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Alright, so it didn't take very long before I was in need of help from you guys  :D


I'm currently working on a map, where I have an elevator that has a forcefield activate around it when it's used. Now, I've set up a target_speaker to play the forcefield hum when this happens, but my problem here is that it is incredibly loud, so here's my question:


Can I use a key value in Radiant to determine the volume of a sound?


I realize that there are other workarounds to this problem, like making a copy of the WAV file that has a lower volume, but seeing as I might need to do this a lot of times, I figured I'd ask the bright heads here for the easiest solution.


Hope you can help  :)

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One issue with certain maps released by people can be that they haven't used area boundaries so the sound will be heard anywhere on the map, for a roleplayer it can be extremely bothersome hearing lightsabers clashing at normal volume from inside a building as if you're in the room with them.

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If you're making a singleplayer map, you should check out SoundSets, if I remember correctly its in the sound.txt, but I'm not 100% sure JK has this aswell but it should.

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