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  1. Small update: I've noticed that when I break line of sight with the enemies, they will occasionally (but not always) start running down their line of waypoints again, and even end up at a combat_point if I step back out in front of them. However, this doesn't happen all the time, and it never happens when they're initially attacked. I've tried everything I can think of; different behavior states, different ways of setting up the waypoints, and so on, but nothing seems to work. And since my map is a first person shooter, it would really lessen the overall experience quite a lot if every enemy you meet just stands completely still. Any takers on this one? I'll send cake to whoever helps me out!
  2. I could definitely use a voice actor for my upcoming project! Right now I'm doing about 5 different characters myself, with some pretty shabby effects and accents thrown in there to make it sound like different people! PM me if you're interested! Nice to see a sound engineer on the scene, by the way! I might just take advantage of your talent for several things, if you're up for it!
  3. I know you guys must be sick of all my questions by now, but I'm getting close to the end of my project, so just bear with me a bit longer, please I've run into a couple of issues with regards to NPC's in my SP map. The first one is that I can't seem to use targetnames to spawn NPC's, without the associated scripts with them ceasing to work - meaning I basically have to spawn all my NPC's at the start of the map (and perhaps make them invisible), or have them spawn at the right time (like when entering a room), but just stand completely still. Is there a workaround to this problem, or am I just doing something fundamentally wrong? The second problem, and the much larger one at this point, is one I'm having with routing! Now, I have no problems getting NPC's to follow a set of waypoints to a navgoal, and I've also figured out how to make them stop doing this when spotting the player, using SET_ANGERSCRIPT, but I can't get them to go to any combat_points after that - they either keep going to the previously set navpoint (albeit with the new parameters of the angerscript, such as running instead of walking), or, if I use the term "SET_NAVGOAL" "null", they stand completely still! I've tried adding in SET_USE_CP_NEAREST, but it doesn't seem to have any effect! What am doing wrong here? Thanks again!
  4. I thought about that, actually. My initial idea was to get some kind of mo-cap software, and then port the animations over, since that would be infinitely easier than actually learning how to animate, but even the new low-cost options on the market are waaaay too pricey for me to invest in, for what is essentially just a hobby. My only real choice would be to learn how to do it by hand, but honestly, I don't think the amount of time I'd have to put into it to do it properly is something I can afford either, at least not for now. I'm already tied up with mapping, texturing, scripting, voice-acting, and all that stuff, which is hard enough to do on my own, when I've got to relearn most of the basics in every department. Maybe for the next map, I'll go for it!
  5. You see, this is what I mean about me being amateurish I just saw that the FACE_TALK animations had some different emotions (loud, quiet, etc.), so I thought it was worth putting in. Didn't know about the T-pose, so thank you for that Taking them out has definitely helped, but there are still jitters when the characters switch between different animations. But I suppose that's an unavoidable consequence of the engine being the way it is?
  6. Sorry, you guys. Back again with another question. I've completed the majority of the mapping for a singleplayer project I'm working on, and I've now gotten to the scripting part, where I've started to run into some new problems. Now, I've always been primarily focused on the mapping itself, and whatever limited experience I had with everything else, such as scripting, has been erased from my memory at this point. I've looked at a couple of tutorials to reacquaint myself with the basics, but here's where I'm stuck... I'm currently working on a cinematic, that has two characters sit and talk to each other. I've gotten the cameras and all that working, but the animations are giving me problems. I figured it would be pretty dull to look at two completely motionless characters talking for upwards of a minute, so I want to add different animations to accompany their dialogue, but the problem is, that these animations are quite jittery whenever they switch from one to the next, and include some weird things in between. I've added a short video below of what I mean (but mind you, the angles, models, etc., are temporary, so it'll be a bit different in the final version): https://youtu.be/DK2OfuUfG00 I guess the problem lies in the way I write my scripts, which I assume is amateurish / not the right way, so perhaps you guys can tell me how to properly do this stuff? I've been over various tutorials and such, but couldn't find anything on this particular subject. Here's what it looks like now: I've highlighted the pertinent parts (I think). Any obvious faults in what I've been doing so far? And I do apologize for being so utterly helpless all the time Hopefully, I get to repay you all soon for your help, by giving you a kick-ass singleplayer mod!
  7. The nodraw thing seemed to work perfectly! Thanks a lot for the speedy reply! Also, I am currently using detail brushes (about 60-70% of my map consists of detail brushes at the moment), but honestly, it's one of those things I do because I remember doing it ten years ago when I last mapped, not because I have any clue what it actually does, aside from reducing compile times!
  8. Hey again guys (and girls). So here's another weird one for you. I have this forcefield set up in one place, to act as the door to a prison cell, and whenever you look at it from certain perspectives, the view "clips" in a way, and goes berserk - kind of like when you look through a caulked surface, into the void of the map. Now, I thought I had rectified it, by removing some caulked surfaces it was touching, as well as making sure the entire brush was fitted with the forcefield texture, which seemed to be doing the trick in one test compile - but then, when I did another compile, the problem was suddenly back, even though I hadn't changed a thing about anything near the forcefield (only added some other stuff to the room, not even in view of it). So what is causing this problem, and how may I get rid of it? Thanks
  9. Alright, I guess there are no shortcuts in this instance. Thanks anyway And Beron, it's a singeplayer map I'm working on, so that won't be an issue But nice tip regardless. I'm all about the immersion factor too!
  10. Alright, so it didn't take very long before I was in need of help from you guys I'm currently working on a map, where I have an elevator that has a forcefield activate around it when it's used. Now, I've set up a target_speaker to play the forcefield hum when this happens, but my problem here is that it is incredibly loud, so here's my question: Can I use a key value in Radiant to determine the volume of a sound? I realize that there are other workarounds to this problem, like making a copy of the WAV file that has a lower volume, but seeing as I might need to do this a lot of times, I figured I'd ask the bright heads here for the easiest solution. Hope you can help
  11. Hi everybody! I'm an old-timer on the JKA mapping/modding scene, that worked on a lot of different stuff over the years, but sadly never released more than a single duel map, mostly because my ambitions were too high - all the projects I ever worked on (aside from the duel map) were full-scale total conversion single player experiences, where my cousin and I would plan out a grand plot, and gameplay spanning across upwards of a dozen huge maps, then finish about 50% of a single one, and quit it for something new Anyway, I recently decided to fire up GTKRadiant once more, and dabble in a bit of mapping, just to kill time as I had a few sick-days that kept me home. I honestly figured the community would be completely dead by now, when, lo and behold, I stumbled across this site! So great to see that there are still people out there fighting the good fight! Thus, I began to think about working on an old singeplayer mod idea I had, but just keep it to a single map for now, in hopes that I may actually finish it one day. Sure, this day is months away at best, and knowing my crazy ambitions, might not ever see the light of day, since I also have a job and a career to think about. But I'm gonna' give it my best regardless! My problem now, is that I haven't done this for roughly ten years, so I'm pretty much a rookie once again in all aspects. I remember most of the basics of the actual mapping part, but everything else is a fuzzy memory at best. So expect to see my name around here a lot. Also, forgive me for rambling on a bit. I'm still on some pretty heavy duty painkillers at the moment! But I'm just thrilled to be here -Tafkat (The Artist Formerly Known As Tito)
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