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Add a new MOD (mean of Death) to the weapons (SP)

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i would need a new MOD for my mod.  (lol XD )

is possible to add a new MOD in SP client for the bryar pistol, different of MOD_BRYAR \ MOD_BRYAR_ALT?

the MOD need also to be coded or can simply added into the MOD list and the MOD code about the "

Switch weapons Case blaster, mod blaster, mod blaster alt, break, etc" ?

I need to set some differential class damage for the new mod, in that mode, BLASTER_PISTOL, WP_JAWA and BRYAR_PISTOL  make 3 different kind of damage to the enemies classes. :)


(by this pass at the end maybe i will finish to learn how add weapons in SP D: )








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