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[Request] Model - Sith Stalker

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Hey. Basically I'm hoping someone might model the Sith Stalker (essentially every variant of him--the normal Sith Stalker gear, the Tatooine gear, and the Dark Lord's Armor.) One thing that would make something like this easy would be adding onto Darth Shiftee's Sith Stalker, which is very accurate. It's just that I wish he had the other two variants on the model, and it'd be nice to see them properly modeled on. I'd use the TFU port of the Sith Stalker's Dark Lord's Armor, but it just doesn't really look as good in JKA as a properly modeled version could be. Not to mention there are quite a few bugs with the model and the fingers don't move.


I'd happily provide sounds and if necessary, try to do a bit of my own reskinning. (I sincerely doubt I'd do well enough, though.)

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Take the length of time to produce the 1st model, and multiply that by the amount of time it would take to do all other variations and or other possible Galen outfits/costumes.



Say the original model took 5 months to produce, factor in say 2 other sith stalker/lord style models that would probably take well over a year or so to flesh out and produce even for someone who is truly skilled in producing the content.  But this more so plays on how dedicated and how much time/energy and how hard they work on the model.  How fast or slow they work on it is irrelevant for the quality over quantity level of the content.


Port, like a regular model, only looks as good as the amount of time and energy a person puts into the creation of the content.

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@@DT85 entirely remodeled the port of Savage Opress from Clone Wars Adventures into something fantastic in, what, three weeks? I'm pretty sure if anyone cared enough, it could be done quite swiftly.


He posted ported content here?  I didn't honestly know that.  Is there a download link up for that? :huh:


All based on the skill set of the person who is doing it, a team effort honestly would get it done.  I've done models in a day provided I stick to working on them from start to finish but I'm not exactly the most skilled or best at it.  Lot better people at it than me. :lol:

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