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So when using private chat on a server, you type "serverstatus" to get the number of the person to talk to, but if a person leaves at some point, and you type "serverstatus" again, the numbers change for everyone but they don't actually change. You have to use the previous number still. 


Could this be fixed? Not really sure if it's client side or server side or both. Our server uses OpenJK, and I do as client as well.

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No it cannot.  Its a message that comes from servers to anything that sends a getstatus request to the server.  It does not contain the numbers.  The numbers are local during the parsing and added as the loop iterates.  So it is not even showing client numbers. (First client in server is 0, second is 1 etc)  You should rely on the mod to provide a client list cmd that shows real client numbers.


Pretty sure OJK and JA++ cgame have a cmd for this.  Some mods may even implement a cmd in g_cmds.c which is avail for clients but doesn't require cgame.


In the OJK cgame the command is clientlist.

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