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How do you install OpenJK And JA++?


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So I just bought the game from steam, noticed there were no multiplayer servers, and then found out that I basically have to install these two mods to play online, but I'm kinda lost on how to install either of them as there doesn't seem to be any kind of tutorial aside from a video in French to kind of help people through this process. So how does one go about downloading and installing these mods?

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Nah, you don't need these to play multiplayer. 


You should be able to use this mod to see the server list:




The issue is that the default master server that ships with the game is down (perhaps forever) and servers must use our alternative master server now. Mods like this, JA++, and the OpenJK project have the ability to point to secondary master servers.


We will be making an article soon for people to follow some steps to get their server list functional again.


Also, take a look at this thread.

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Any way I can get some help running JA++? I have openJK in my gamedata folder as well as a japlus folder that has CL_assests.pk3, CL_bins_win32.pk3, sh_animations.pk3, and sh_lua.pk3. It doesn't change anything in the game. IS there a proper way I'm supposed to boot it up or do I not have them in the right place?

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