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Moving a door with a proper combination.

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Managed to get part way through with getting the original JO scripts for the sliders to function.  Problem I'm facing is the overall script that holds the combination of the door not effecting the door to motion to it's open position after the proper combination is put in.


Once it's at the end of the if's I've tried altering the script to effect the door but the standard use function didn't suffice, so I figured making the door a func_static and using ref tags would suffice but it's still not motioning the door.  Here is how I currently have it setup based on how JO did it.


I don't need the door to open back up, I simply need it so that once the proper combination is hit the door just goes into it's open position.  In developer 1 it is reading the slider scripts itself just fine with the 1's and 0's.  It is just not using the affect to move the door.  I figure it's either due to how the affect was input into the script at the bottom of the if chain or just not the correct information in place to make it function, or perhaps the naming inside the script itself.




The bottom right scriptrunner holds all the combination information and when the proper combination is put in it effects the top left scriptrunner and the door to move.


This is what I have at the bottom of the 8th slider in the combination script and it is not playing the affect to move the door down to the proper reftag.  Script itself is sliderdoor, the effect is for moving sliderdoora.  I've tried use and some other functions to get the door to move but it is not so I stumped at the moment and I really don't wanna keep trial and erroring if someone else can just explain the issue and save me the headache.  Anyone know how to aid with this?

affect ( "sliderdoora", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH )


                                    move ( $tag( "downput", ORIGIN)$, 2000.000 );

                                    wait ( 5000.000 );
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I'm using script_targetname for the door and the small redents.  Think I forgot to add it to the trigger but that's easy fix.


No I did not include an origin brush.  I have an origin on the ref tag and an origin spawnflag inside the door itself.  Door shows up in that starting position just fine.  Would I possibly need another ref_tag at the center of the current door position also besides just the open position?


If you want I can send you the scripts and you can dig through and see where the issues are at.

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Reads the scripts on the sliders fine just the door combo isn't working.  I wager szico might be able to answer it since his atlantica map had a door combo setup on it also.  Quite similar so who knows.



Basically in the original setup after all the combinations were met, the func_door was simply "use" in the door combo script itself.  But for whatever reason it doesn't use in JA MP.  Figure it would be the same if JO MP could fully load SP maps.  Basically the use in the script was more or less like pressing the use button on a trigger in game but for the life of me I can't seem to figure out why in the door combo the use doesn't work in MP.  So it leads me to believe perhaps the door combo script isn't functioning itself.

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What I thought of and found is that when the door combo script reaches the use at the ends of the ifs it's supposed to kick in for the target_deactivate for the trigger and the door(aka sliderdoora which is the targetname for both of those) to be used also to go to the open state and stay in it's off position.  Now when the proper door combo is put in the target_deactivate doesn't kick in for the trigger so I'm lead to the believe the door combination in and of itself is simply not reading the slider commands hence why it's not working.  If someone out there has any input on this feel free to post, I don't feel like spending crazy amounts of time on this trying to figure it out.


Noticed on atlantica script constantly plays which is a lot like JO's level start for yavin_trial.  But that script only plays once.  Would that mean for MP such a script would have to constantly play for say the sliders to fully function with the door script in MP?

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I found the issue and got it to finally work.


Intead of in slider scripts, making use of the USE function I simply just added in a RUN script function also and the door instantly opened.  Basically the door combo script wasn't running at all.  So what this means is the door combo script was dead till I had a run fuction added in to process and register each command as it played.


Thanks to no one for the help. <_<


At least someone tried to help recently via a friend contacting someone else for me.  If I had a quote from darkboy I would of quoted him also but this guy was contacted first.  Guess the community isn't completely dead.


wonko says :P
Wonko the Sane
Wonko the Only Helpful Person on the Internet.  I should trademark that :D

It's funny that even though map scripting and mod coding is so different, in both cases the smallest stupidest things are what break everything and take endless days upon days to figure out.  Tell him that I fully understand his frustration and I'm glad he has it sorted out!
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