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What changes about Saber Defense on higher difficulty?

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Your defense gets worse on Jedi Knight difficulty and up in JA, but I can't figure out why after having scoured the code thoroughly at every reference to g_spskill.


Your defensive ability gets slower and has longer cooldowns between deflections, but I can't find any referencing for this anywhere in the code specifically. Any one have any clues?

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I'm guessing either it's either something in plain sight in the code that has some effect I'm not seeing or that is not immediately clear, or it is some indirect consequence of some seemingly unrelated coding that is probably really difficult to find...


Either way, I'm guessing somewhere it has to come back to some "if g_spskill >= 2" somehow...

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You know, in game, I can't find a difference between difficulty levels for blaster defense in normal gameplay...


That's really weird though, because I could've sworn your defense was noticeably worse on higher difficulties...


Does anyone know, if anything in AI_Jedi.cpp can affect the player's attributes? Or does everything in there only pertain to NPCs?

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