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FPS issue:


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While using OpenJKA, tested by me and a few friends, and connecting to any server, doing "Hits" with the saber induces lag. An example: Vertical hit all the way down, lag. Is it related to the sparks that come out, and as such I need to completely remove all EFX effects?

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As a statement, all said players who are experiencing these issues have extremely excellent systems. High amounts of Ram, 4-8 core CPU's, a few one or dual core, high end graphics cards.



I just replaced with a custom EFX removing the sparks and all FPS issues were solved.

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Well, the thing is, with Base JAMP.EXE JKA I have 0% lag. None at all. Zero.



However, with OpenJKA, I have lag. Lets say I am on base, JA+, JA++ servers, or that I have JA++ loaded up client side or not. Does not matter. If lets say I hit another person, a Kyle, a friendly Kyle with a vert going down his entire body, the lag that comes from that is not 5-10. Its not just 20. It can be 40-50. It takes me all the way down to 20 or even the 10's. It makes dueling impossible.


OpenJKA, the recent build as well as other stuff seem to suffer from this. Regular JAMP.EXE has 0% issue. I tested this on my own PC numerous times, and I had over five friends test it. Same issues.



How did I solve my lag? I simply installed this file:






You can find it on JK3files. It removed nearly all the sparks, gave a pretty purple tint to stuff, and ever since then I have been having no lag at all on OpenJKA. In fact, its better than even JAMP.EXE, which at the very worst I get a -3 FPS, and here just a -1 or a -2. So I assumed the problem is something with OpenJKA, since everyone who had done this literally have "Super-Computers" capable of running Atlantica_RPG with High FPS and or Regular JKA FPS in the hundreds if they wanted to. 

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Running an Nvidia card? Make sure "Threaded optimization" is forced to off for your JKA profile in the Nvidia Control Panel.


edit: forgot to mention, you'll have to add openjk.x86.exe if it's not already there on the drop down list and configure that, not jamp.exe, obviously

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