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  • fx_wind entity now works (t1_rail)
  • fx_rain entity now actually can be customized same as SP.  The count variable did nothing.  (Everything should work except for lightning/thunder storm)  Acid rain is visible only same as doing it via /r_we or an fx_runner
  • NPCs with customRGBA now supports all the values ie random1, jedi_hf, jedi_kdm etc (random1 is used with weequay and rodians etc)
  • forcesight surfaces now work with supporting cgame (OpenJK cgame is the only one so far)
  • NPC_human_merc NPCs have a spawn entry now.  Since they are pretty common, I thought it odd they weren't spawning in MP (via entity)
  • Extra jedi NPC types (master, random students)

Just some quick little fixes for SP related content in MP.  These all require new jampgame (the one included with OpenJK) (server side mod) with the changes except forcesight change requires new cgame + renderer.

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