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Raxus Prime

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This is an update from Chalk. He can't post the stuff himself at the moment.




So here is a real quick camera path through raxus. It is all still very primitive and just really barebones. The underground area with the huge floating snowflakes will be a 2 story underground jawa marketplace I saw in some rejected concept art for tfu. I will try to incorporate quite a few of the better rejects throughout the maps. I am thinking of making this map a bit larger via underground tunnels and maybe show some sort of lava waste disposal system. Dont know yet. All of the maps if you notice will make a full circle back to the beginning. That will make mp cool so its continuous. For sp, once u get to the elevator or whatever, it will trigger a cutscene and/or end the map. If that makes sense


- @ChalklYne

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