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Imperial Hideout [Movie Battles 2]


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I just launched a server that really needs more people.

It hurts that most of the servers have "mb2_dotf" map on it 24/7, it gets boring after all these years. I want to allow everyone to play on almost every map they can. The mod provides 70 awesome maps and we play on only one for a few years? Come on.

Any players are welcome on "Imperial Outpost" server :) No weird rules, just pure gameplay.

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I'm completely out of money to maintain it for the next month, but I'm definitely not abandoning it. I changed the name to Imperial Outpost yet the rules, neither the idea, haven't changed. It will sooner or later go back online for sure. Not gonna lie, some financial support would help a lot, but even if you can't help, the server will rise anyway, just later :)

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I tried Movie Battles once.. It got annoying because every time I joined a match I was a bloody spectator and couldn't do anything but watch people having a good time playing the damn thing.


Yeah. It takes a while to embrace that mentality. But after a while the rounds go quicker and you don't die as quick. It really prevents you from doing dumb stuff while your alive, though. It makes you treasure your player's life.

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