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Serenity - Firefly (Re-Release) Open BETA

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Well, here it is at last - the open BETA. Besides Shepard Book's bible sitting IN his bed covers and not on top of them and a little asteroid glitch - I consider the map FINISHED!

For any of you that wish to try it out (and send me feedback), the download link is below, please test it with as many people as possible. Hopefully there won't be anything too major (because I've bug fixed for the last month) and I plan to release it this weekend if all goes to plan.

Thanks a bunch for sticking with me guys, oh and if I've missed anyone out of the acknowledgements section that should be in there... pm me.


Download via Mediafire



Edit: Download link nulled (16/06/2014). I have submitted the file for approval from the JKHub staff.


Thanks for everyone's continued support.


Spineless out.











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Hello. I ran on your map some time... It is a masterpiece! Made with soul! (see? Szico VII is already crying)


I am really amazed how everything is done. So polished and detailed map. It brings so pleasant atmosphere.

I like how you textured everything. There are really no textures that catched my criticizing (in bad case) eyes. Especially I liked those iced glasses in the head cabin and semi-transparent japanese doors in the rest room.

I also liked how you made the ship look outside. It really looks amazing with the glow effect.


And now here is feedback. Bugs:

- doors close and hurt when player is in their passageway; fix: you could keep doors open when players are nearby, I saw that feature on some maps
- disappearing door texture (shows hyperspace)
- invisible block that does not let go in the rest room
- two big triggers that open two doors instead of one
- going through hammock in the engine room: fix: it should be a solid object
- hole in the engine room (shows hyperspace)
- weird textures on some of the ventilating grilles
- stairs should be one single slanted plane for smooth moving
- should put snow(stars) weather more far from the ship, to make the ship have more realistic flying in space effect
After finishing browsing the map, I decided to fly around with noclip to find some missed places. And, as I expected, there were rooms with useful items behind some locked doors. I bet there are secrets in the map which I could get to those places with, aren't there?
Also is it possible to get outside? If no then is it planned?
I hope my feedback was useful in some degree.
Keep making maps, you have golden hands.
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