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Handbolt & sound issues with JO skeleton in JA

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Yo all,


After a few months of taking a break, I've recently returned to my project of getting the JO campaign to run in JA, without needing to modify the source code, and without modifying the existing campaign or assets.


Aside from a few bugfixes that are preventing progression, my only tasks now are to finish off fixing the cutscene animations, and finish implementing my fix for objectives not appearing in the menu (no need to overwrite JA strings!). Almost every major problem has been solved, and something like 95% of the game is playable.


One of the problems I was having before was getting the JO skeleton and animations to work, which is very important for cutscenes. I've figured out a solution for this, by having dedicated models reference the JO skeleton (jk2anims/JK2anims.gla), and recompiling the maps to use a modified ENT file to spawn in the NPCs that use this model, and renaming the animation names in the JO animation.cfg file so that they'll load in JA. So far so good; this has allowed me to fix quite a few cutscenes.


The problem I'm having is that handbolt models will not work with models using the JO skeleton (they'll don't show up at all), which is essential for some cutscenes, including the classic bartender scene, and I have no idea why. If you switch your player model to say, "protocol", I did notice that weapons attach themselves to the hands even if most animations are broken since they don't exist, so it seems it is possible for handbolt attachments to work for a skeleton that isn't _humanoid...


The other problem I'm having is that I can't get sounds (particularly footsteps) to work with these models. This isn't a huge deal, but does seem weird in some cutscenes such as valley.bsp, where Kyle is walking silently.


Any advice on getting handbolts and sounds to work properly? If I can solve these, then there's very little to stop me from finishing this off and releasing it.

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As for your second issue, you need to write some code which parses a new animevents.cfg. Footsteps and a few very specific saber moves are handled there.

As for your first issue, I don't really know, but I think you could probably trace up the G2API_AddBolt function in the renderer. I know that it mentions specific bones by name, and it's possible that you need to make some sort of table in order to map the bones out. Not too sure.

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